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kelticwizard 30th January 2007 08:23 AM

Wondering Where That Audio Company Got It's Name?

SONY Latin sonus (sound) plus English slang nickname Sunny (young, bright & cute), drop an "n" and voilą. In 1946, the company was founded by Mr. Akio Morita and Mr. Masaru Ibuka, and named Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corp. As the company grew and aimed at world markets, Mr. Morita changed the name in 1958, claiming that "Sony" was pronounceable in any language and easily remembered.
In case you were wondering just how these companies named themselves, here you are. Lots of other interesting tidbits, too.


SHURE After founder Sydney N. Shure in 1925. Originally named Shure Radio Company, located in Chicago, it was renamed Shure Brothers after his brother, Samuel J. joined the company. Even though Samuel left the company in the '30s, the name was not changed until 1999, when it became Shure Incorporated.
I always assumed this cartridge and microphone maker just jazzed up the word "sure" to indicate accuracy and reliability. Turns out it really was the founder's name. :xeye:

impsick 30th January 2007 08:31 AM

nice! cool page

GRollins 31st January 2007 01:44 AM

Now, that's a cool site.


martin clark 31st January 2007 07:28 PM

One missing entry - Naim.

The story, confirmed on the old 'Naim Conference' website* was quite simply that after a couple of years of producing amps for friends in the early 70s Julian Vereker got around to registering the venture as a company at Companies House (London) - but couldn't think of what to call it. So in the box labelled 'Name of Company he simply wrote/re-spelled 'NAIM'

* c. 1998, long replaced by the current forum (

KBK 1st February 2007 06:02 AM

"Goo Systems"

I was already selling product but searching for a name for the company that would 'stick' in people's minds, and still be fun.

I had sent one of the first prototype batches to some adventerous guys on the AVS Forum..and one guy, who's handle is "Atom", looked like the grey goo you scratch of a 'scratch and win' instant lottery card..and I figured, like serindipity... that was it..I told him on the phone..right then and there. It was 'Screen Goo'..and the name of the company was suddenly..just like that... "Goo Systems."

And that's how it works.

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