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Christer 19th December 2006 09:24 PM

Do Duracell batteries violate any standard?
I have several times had problems with Duracell batteries (sizes AA and AAA), finding that the batteries are slightly larger than other brands. This causes various problems. Either they don't fit at all in the battery compartment. Or one can push them in with force, either with the result that it is almost impossible to get them out again, or they put pressure in the wrong place on the contacts with the result that the batteries don't make electrical contact.

Since I have had this problem several times with different equipment (cameras, alarm clocks etc.) and always with Duracell batteries, I am getting increasingly surprised that they go on selling these products. Isn't there some standard for the size of various batteries, and if so, is Duracell violating the standard, or do battery powered equipment frequently violate the standard? Either way, I have quit buying Duracell since their batteries cause to much problem. Even if they do live up to the ads and contain more energy, what good is that if you can't get the energy out of the batteries?

Am I the only one who has experienced such problems?

kevinkr 19th December 2006 09:28 PM

I've noticed the same thing, and in my MI gig a few years back where duracells rule in stomp boxes, and onboard guitar pre-amplifiers we designed the battery compartments to accept a wide range of batteries, but most particularly duracell.

I use mostly rechargeables in these sizes because the alkalines are not very economical to use on a daily basis.

planet10 19th December 2006 09:30 PM

I have a couple LED flashlights that Duracel AAAs don't work in (or London Drugs housebrand)


paulb 19th December 2006 09:32 PM

Somebody should tell the manufacturer.

Christer 19th December 2006 09:39 PM


Originally posted by paulb
Somebody should tell the manufacturer.
Yes, the question is if there is a standard and if they violate it? Perhaps the standard allows batteries of the Duracell size, but since nobody has made them that large before, most equipment manufacturers go by the normal battery sizes? I don't know if that is a likely explanation, though, and my 2 cents is that Duracell do violate the standard, or that there is no standard. It could also be that the standard is unclear and somewhat open to interpretation.

PeteM 19th December 2006 09:52 PM

Well they did say in their advert "no ordinary battery looks like or last like it"..

Netlist 19th December 2006 10:03 PM

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I measured a bit:

Duracell: 50.3 X 14.04
Energizer: 50.08 X 14
Wonder: 49.9 X 14
Rechargeable GP 49.78 X 14

Funny thing is that I always had the feeling that my rechargeables were the thickest.
Duracell is in fact bigger than the other I measured but not much and since most gear have spring contacts...
Looking at the picture one could understand why Duracell is sometimes problematic.
The body is higher than the others and has rather sharp edges.


Christer 19th December 2006 10:03 PM

I know I have googled for battery standards before with no result, but now trying again, I at least found this table (but know nothing about its correctness)


Name A LR R E AM Dimensions* voltage**

Special AAAA LR61 42.5 x 8.3 ?
Micro AAA LR03 R03 E92 AM4 44.5 x 10.5 1.5V
Mignon AA LR6 R06 E91 AM3 50.0 x 14.5 1.5V
Baby C LR14 R14 E93 AM2 50.0 x 26.2 1.5V
Mono D LR20 R20 E95 AM1 61.5 x 34.2 1.5V
Lady N LR1 E90 30.2 x 11.7 ?
I then measured some batteries I had. The Duracell AA measured 51.0 mm in length but passed the diameter criterion, whereas a battery of the obscure brand Func measured only 50,2 mm in length (obviously the decimal should be taken with a pinch of salt). However, for AAA size the Duracell one I measured passed both length and diameter criterion, although it seem to be something like 0.2 mm longer than a Rayovac AAA.

Another possibility is of course that Duracell batteries vary more in size than other brands, that seems not very likely either.

Christer 19th December 2006 10:10 PM

Maybe you said it Hugo.

I have always had a feeling that the Duracells somehow look bigger or as if the have a larger volume than other batteries, but couldn't find anything objecitve to back that feeling up with. However, what you said about sharp edges in combination with a maximum or even oversized length could explain some of the problems. I just happened to compare a Duracell AA with a Func AA (as noted in my previous post) and didn't quite notice this since both have sharp edges. However, since the Duracell battery is also 1 mm too long and probably can't get away with both having sharp edges and being too long.

Netlist 19th December 2006 10:19 PM

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The sharp edges are IMO only a problem when one has to 'plug in' a battery.
Here's a fine example where inserting a Duracell is more problematic than a GP2000. The same problem occurs when I switch poles and batteries.


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