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Midnite Mick 30th September 2006 02:09 PM

speaker stand ideas
I did a search but didn't really come up with anything. I am going to build some speaker stands in the next few weeks and am looking for some ideas. I would like to construct them out of wood. Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


stevodude 26th October 2006 06:24 AM

how about these: Samuraijack Diy Speaker Stands V2.0

Using wood & PVC, I recon these are a fantastic idea, & I am going to build 3 short versions for the front & 2 tall versions for the surrounds.

A fantastic project which will cost me nothing as I already have everything required in the shed... ( happens that way from renovating a 70 year old house, you end up with all sorts of od pipes/wood etc).

Might start building these up tonight, and post some build pickies over the next week or so.

all using 100mm pvc pipe.

Mains: 300mm stands
Centre 600mm stand
Rears 1400mm stands

hmm thats 4600mm of pvc :-/ might have to buy some pvc, it's cheap at about $20 for a 3mtrx100mm length :-)

100mm is regarded as 'sewer pipe' size hehehe, hopefully they won't make the speakers sound like s**t hahaha I made a funnie :-)

stevodude 23rd April 2007 07:57 AM

built my stands up using the pvc & bolt through the middle, cost me nothing, but would probably cost around $25-30au each.

pickies to follow if you want them.

ak_47_boy 23rd April 2007 08:48 PM

I would make the PVC stand and fill it with concrete. I don't think sand would stop the pipe from vibrating.

KP11520 28th April 2007 02:49 PM

Years ago I took my Infinity Qb speakers (bookshelf) and made a base that was 2 inches larger than the base of the speakers in each direction (cabinet grade plywood and used edging to finish the edges). I made another one for the top. I mounted the two top ones to the ceiling exactly above where I wanted to place the speakers in the room (test this on stools until you find the sweet spot). I used nice chain on the four corners that got me to the height that I desired (sweet spot). Of course I stained and polyurethaned them first to match the speaker (Walnut, YUK now). Today they have all kinds of 3/4 inch cabinet grade plywood and edging with oak, maple, poplar, etc. veneer. The only improvement that I would add now is spikes into the plywood that the speaker would rest into (strategically placed and even [level]). The weight of the speaker acts as the sand or grave in a floor stand making the speaker solidly connected to the room extending the Bass. The only part that might be complicated is how you connect the top plate to the ceiling (finding the joists vs placement of the speakers). This is where creativity comes in! Mollys and plugs into sheetrock don't cut it!

This sounded great and I got a lot of compliments. This was in the early 80s and you know how everything goes retro. It's time to bring them back. The old is forever new!

Good luck!:up: :up:

MCPete 2nd May 2007 02:25 AM

diy speaker stands
A little while ago I made a pair of stands with what is called "builder's tube" and often is known by the name Sonotube. This is a cylindrical encasement of 1/8 inch paperboard for casting concrete pillars and can be found at lumber yards.

Builder's tube can be had in various diameters- I used 8 inch. You need to have a router to cut out wooden disks to glue inside opposite ends of a section of the tubing. The only difficult part is figuring out the best diameter of the disks so that they fit tightly inside the tube, but not too tight. It is best to insert the disks at a right angle into the tube, pushing one disk to a first end of the tube and then pulling the second disk to the second end of the tube.

After making the closed cylinder I attached rectangular flats to the cylinder by gluing and screwing them to the disks.

This makes a very lightweight stand that will also support quite a bit of weight.

ssmith 3rd May 2007 08:27 AM

Midnite Mick,

You are in the land of the lumberjack with an enviable healthy abundance of trees.... so how about a plain simple tree stump/trunk????

Even a plain old log nicely finished by a wood turner and polished and would look very nice.

and while you are at it, make a matching listening chair too. :up:

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