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Rob Thomas 14th September 2006 08:19 PM

I started this in a vendor's forum, and realized it needed it's own thread so here we go...

Got Acourate? If not, go get it.

Savvy DIY enthusiasts with a PC or an Intel Mac should check out and try the software with the 30 day free trial. This is an unbelievably powerful program.

Perhaps run a room correction scenario first, the go to a digital xover and multi-amp with PD GainClones!

I've been gradually learning from "Uli", Dr. Ulrich Brüggemann, the designer of Acourate, on a private forum. Brilliant.

Replace your xovers with perfect, phase coherent digital versions, run your speakers truly time and phase-coherent, and correct your room response all with one powerful program.

(Warning, the interface is rather DIY, and perhaps not for the software timid, but clearly well worth the learning curve.)

Will blow your mind. Acourate only recently left Beta for human consumption.

Perhaps watch this tutorial first:

Acourate LogSweep Generation and Convolution

This technology will soon change everything.

(Mac only folks, here's ther excuse to buy that Intel dual-core Mac...)


Rob Thomas 14th September 2006 09:39 PM

Below are keywords listed to flag searches for a solution such as Acourate:

PC Based Correction

Digital Room Correction

Digital Time Alignment

Digital Driver Linearization

Digital Driver Alignment

Digital Crossover

Automated Room Correction

Room Correction Filter




ETF Acoustic

herm 15th September 2006 08:30 PM

Even if this is allowed by the rules (and i dont think it is)
it still stinks of spam.

Could you try to be a little less offensive as a shill, please?


P.S. Looks like I'm in a cranky mood again!

Rob Thomas 15th September 2006 08:57 PM

Sorry, if I was a bit shill-y, but only because the "product" described is worthy of such praise and attention, and the design engineer is so busy creating and not promoting his wares, (as is evidenced by the current site), that I thought he could use a little pro-bono support from his potential early adopters.

Forgive me my enthusiasm, but this is cool stuff, very DIY oriented, and free to investigate fully, at least for 30 days.

I would think Uli would be well served by hanging a shingle in the Vendor's marketplace here, and I would recommend he do so if there appeared to be significant interest in his "product" here.


planet10 17th September 2006 01:14 AM

The context of Rob's 1st post on this in the vendor's thread was that of an enthusiastic diyer discovering a cool piece of kit.

This looks like it represents a DECX kind of solution all in software. Not cheap, but still bringing the price down. It also represents a software solution aimed at the specific target we hifi diyers are interested in as opposed to a collection of bits being repurposed which is what we have seen to date.

Rob, do you know if this runs native under OS X on Intel or do you have to run some flavour of windoz under Parallels?


soongsc 17th September 2006 02:47 AM

I wonder why it calls FR plots pulses? Is the log sweep basically sweeping of sine wave?

Rob Thomas 17th September 2006 05:47 AM


Originally posted by planet10

Rob, do you know if this runs native under OS X on Intel or do you have to run some flavour of windoz under Parallels?


Thanks for the support.

I suspect it must run under Rosetta/Parallels on the Intel Mac.

Uli is the real deal. But, I must confess this late-breaking news, I've just offered Dr. Bruggemann some pro-bono design work in encouragement of his business, and he's offering me an (((acourate)))™ license in consideration. So, I now have blood on my hands... Some $430 dollars worth. (BTW, for $430, this is an amazing piece of software. Considering it could replace and best a TACT RCS, I'd actually pay cash-money for it...).

I'll try to get Uli over here to answer questions on his software if needed, as this stuff is way beyond me, but not so far that I don't appreciate it or can't use it.

And forgive me if I sound like a shill, but the good doctor deserves the support, and would be a great presence here.


Rob Thomas 17th September 2006 05:56 AM


Originally posted by soongsc
I wonder why it calls FR plots pulses? Is the log sweep basically sweeping of sine wave?
Ooooh, good Uli question.

I believe he uses DIRAC log "pulses" to shoot the room. I better shut up and get him over here if you want more cogent info...

Rob Thomas 17th September 2006 09:01 AM


Originally posted by planet10
Not cheap, but still bringing the price down.
I keep thinking about the somewhat cludgy $430 USD price point of the acourate software myself.

$430 is a LOT of money for a chunk of software, except perhaps for limited-user "professional" markets such as this software really resides in. Ultimately I suspect this program will end up in silent, task-dedicated PC audiophile server & correction engines.*

What a wonderful world it will be.

This really is the way to deliver state-of-the-art ideas and execution; just download the update.

Uli apparently has this code outperforming what TacT does. Now, I know I'm opening a big ole' can of worms here, but when you consider that single application alone, and how quintessentially upgradeable acourate is, the $430 seems a bit more realistic.

I might add, if one were to DIY speakers, and use this to also do your x-over, driver-linearization and time-alignment design, it becomes a veritable bargain IMNSHO. (Heaven forbid you have speakers where the designer didn't already worry about these parameters for you...)


*Actually, there's no limit to where this stuff will end up. Processing is cheap.

pinkmouse 17th September 2006 10:07 AM

101 error on the website.

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