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Rory Christ 8th November 2002 02:29 AM

Ever regret throwing something away?
Ever throw something away thinking you didn't have a use for it and then wish you didn't when you need it in the future?

I used to collect dead audio equipment at hamfests (ham radio swap meets) and then putz around with it to see what could be fixed. A lot of times, people would sell me a couple pieces of equipment for $20 or so and I would happly trot off with an armful of new projects. It was good cheap entertainment when I was in highschool.

I got a couple good deals in the day. I picked up a pair of NAD integrated amps with blown channels for $35. One of which I still use today. I fixed the other, but it had some noise problems (probably bad caps) that I never sorted out. I got a sharp CD player for a $1 one time that worked just fine the first time I fired it up, and a Technics integrated amp for a $1 which had a blown transistor for turning on the display (turns out the thing wasn't worth much more than a $1 once I got around to listening to it).

When I moved out of my parent's house during college, I tossed most of my dead equipment and parts collection because my interests had shifted elsewhere and the prospect of storing it in an apartment wasn't all that appealing.

Recently, I've been getting back into tinkering with electronics, and I wish I hadn't tossed all the big transformers, filter caps and heatsinks I once had sitting around in that pile of junk.

Anyone else ever tossed something thinking they wouldn't need it and then later wished they hadn't?

- Rory

Lisandro_P 8th November 2002 03:35 AM

Tons of stuff. From old transformers, tubes, vfd displays, leds, transistors, speakers to whatever you might imagine :( sheeze...

planet10 8th November 2002 05:12 AM

Re: Ever regret throwing something away?
Please, i don't need to be reminded... :bawling:


SuppersReady 9th November 2002 09:48 AM

Not quite throwing away...
...but the next best thing.

Sold my Quad 22/II combination for 90 about 12 years ago. I have this strange habit of selling stuff just a matter of years before they become fashionable (read saleable/expensive) again.

Managed to do the same with my Triumph m/cycle in the early '80s. Sold that for 90, two years later I could have sold it as a box of bits for ten times as much! :mad: Gosh darnit!

Ho hum,


Vivek 9th November 2002 10:02 AM

I have not thrown out anything yet. But if I do not, I will not have place to keep my clothes. My wardrobe resembles an electronic junkyard.


Westrock2000 9th November 2002 11:46 AM

Usually my parents get my hand I may not use them, but there here somewhere, then everyonce in a while I rearange furniture and find an old set of speakers or a preamp or something. Kinda like opening a box and finding a bunch of interconnects.

relder 9th November 2002 03:53 PM

AES Journals
I certainly regret that our work librarian threw out all the old (82-92) AES Journals. "Nobody used them" :headbash:

cocolino 9th November 2002 04:31 PM

I`m always trying to keep everything - because I know there will be one day and I`ll need it.
So I have some things stored for 10 and more years without any use.
But You bet - if I throw away only a single thing of this stuff - I would need exactly this a week later.
Seems to be kinda Murphy`s law.

planet10 9th November 2002 04:35 PM


Originally posted by cocolino
So I have some things stored for 10 and more years without any use.
So it was when i was cleaning out (my mom's) cold room and found a set of (blown) Decca London tweeters, and later she found an almost unused ERA TT -- both stashed away for some 15 years. The Deccas paid the "rent", the ERA is downstairs awaiting transformation.


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