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Fred Dieckmann 7th November 2002 10:09 PM

Car 54
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The mysterious Car 54 haunts the halls of the haus of Herr Haller.

Dig those hubcaps,

halojoy 7th November 2002 10:15 PM

Car -57
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nobody knows the name of this one

halojoy 7th November 2002 10:29 PM

Car -57 Schematic
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this is the schematic for Car -57.
Could be very useful! If you want to build a Car -57.
We are Do It Yourselvers! Aren't we? :D :D

roddyama 8th November 2002 01:14 AM

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Here Fred,

I thought you needed a little excitment in your life.:key:

Watch out for the pedal on the right.:yell: :cop: :judge: :wave2s:

Rodd Yamashita

Jocko Homo 8th November 2002 03:24 AM

Sometimes I go for subtle.....
Only sometimes.

Besides, that fancy 'Cuda package added over $1000 to the cost of that clunker.

Goes just as fast.


BrianGT 8th November 2002 03:28 AM

Rodd... you have too much time on your hands! Start some new projects.


roddyama 8th November 2002 04:05 AM

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Actually Brian, I just bought 2 used 1100W Rack mount UPS's from work. I'm going to convert them to line conditioners.:D One for my amps, and one for everything else.

I was thinking about contacting your buddy at VM about some isolation transformers.

Just havin' fun.:D
Rodd Yamashita

BrianGT 8th November 2002 04:15 AM

Yeah, I am considering those transformers. He is seeing if I can get a demo of the 2kVA ac line purifier for a few days to evaluate it. I will find out early next week.

Here is a pic of the transformer from their website:


That thing is huge and weighs 35lbs. It takes him a long time to make those. It looked like a bitch putting the faraday shields on evenly.

I just want to see how well it works with my crappy power here. He said that people who use it also say it improves the quality of dvd movies also.


moses 8th November 2002 04:18 AM

That would be a shame to cut up a 1100VA 2U UPS for a line conditioner. You can find old APC line conditioners on ebay for just a few bucks usually.

roddyama 8th November 2002 04:40 AM

Hi Moses,

I bought these from my work for a buck apiece because they were going to be thrown in the scrap bin. The batteries are probably shot. I'll try them out first just to make sure, but I don't think our cheap IT dept. would let them go if they worked. They're still using a 486 computer for a scanner server.

I'll replace the battery with the iso-transformer. I might have to get two smaller ones and run them in parallel because, as you said, they are only 2U high. There is most likely some level of line conditioning already built in the unit. I'll investigate in the next couple days.:magnify:


I have to believe it will make a difference. We alway use one for our data acquisition and control systems, and it's a must have for a stable system.

Rodd Yamashita

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