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DigitalJunkie 5th February 2006 10:28 AM

HT reciever suggestions..
Hey guys,

I've got a friend who is looking to upgrade his Home Theater reciever,and speakers,and we're looking for suggestions!
He currently has a decent Kenwood DTS reciever of some sort (I forget the model),and some bookshelf speakers,and a nice sub.

The speakers he's looking at are the Maggie MMG's (
(on a side note,does anyone know if there is a waiting list on these,and how long it might be?)

So,guidelines for the reciever are:

- The reciever will need to be able to handle a 4ohm load,granted the Maggies are usually a fairly "easy" 4ohm load,I'm not so sure about those ribbon tweeters? Power isn't really decided yet,but i'm assuming more is better.

- The reciever needs atleast 2 component(RGB) video inputs,with mating digital audio inputs (optical or coax) and a component(RGB) video output to the HDTV.Mating digital audio output to the TV would be nice,but isn't a "must have".

And a question -Is this possible around the $500 mark?

Any suggestions welcomed! Thanks. :)

john65b 6th February 2006 03:02 AM

Dude, the MMGs are by far the best speakers you can buy for $550. I will even go as far as saying they are easily the best speakers up to $1000 mark. Bass is a bit lacking, but highs and midrange - well it rules the roost. Vocals and piano are insanely clear and have a presence that I never could have imagined with any speakers.

Now don't laugh, but look into the Panasonic SA-XR55, or the SA-XR70. These are the newer Full Digital Amps that are all the rage. Incredible clarity & detail. You can pick up a SA-XR55 for under $250. Has 6.1, DTS/Dolbly, Bi-ampable mains, and COAX/TOSLINK Digital inputs. Do a Google search and educate yourself. And save yourself a pile of cash.

I have the Panny SA-XR45 (unmodded) and a pair of MMG's and it is sweet. I have no want to try anything else.

If the panny doesn't float your boat, build yourself a UCD amp. Easy amp to build and 180 watts/channel. A bit more costly. My #2 choice after the pannys.

DigitalJunkie 6th February 2006 01:25 PM

Thanks for the tip! The Panasonics might just fit the bill! They're at the top of the list so far. ;)

Maggies are great speakers! I've been hooked ever since I first listened to some a few years back,If I had the space I'd love to get some for myself,I love those ribbons! $550 is a steal IMO. :)

Also,I just ran across the Denon AVR-1706,it looks promising also,any thoughts on it?

bender460 9th February 2006 06:05 PM

Find a used Denon AVR 3300. Has everything you have listed plus pre outs. I'll bet you could find one for around $300. Mine my accually be for sale soon.

DigitalJunkie 14th February 2006 05:54 AM

Well,the Panasonics got scratched,I found a small warning against using them with 4ohm loads!

Keeping the 4ohm Maggies in mind,we started hunting for a reciever that appeared to be happy with 4 ohm loads.
Some other manufacturers had some recievers in our price range,which were said to work with "low impedance loads"..then I discovered that thier idea of "low impedance" is 6 ohms,not 4.

Result? -Onkyo. They have recievers that are spec'ed for 4 ohms,and have the usual ~doubling of power that you'd expect. (some of the other recievers had a big power output drop with loads lower than 6/8ohms.)

We also found some HK recievers that will handle 4ohm loads okay.

I think we're finally looking at the HK AVR340 and Onkyo TXSR703/803..
Perhaps a bit over budget,but they appear to have all the needed functions/connections,and can deal with a 4ohm load without having a fit.
And I think they both have preouts! -now to finish the stack of tube amp projects waiting on my bench. :devilr:

john65b 14th February 2006 03:56 PM

As far as the Panny not being able to do a 4 ohm load, I say not true. I have been running my SA-XR45 on my MMGs and had no issues. Now I would NOT have the panny do a complete 6.1 setup with 4 ohm maggies all around, but if you are looking into a 2 channel setup, 4 ohm MMG pair is fine.

You can do a search on google with Panny SA-XR45 and MMG's (or 4 ohm speakers) and you will find plenty of people like me that are running the setup just fine.

My next option are Onkyos. They are fantastic sounding with the MMG (albeit I prefer the panny by a fair bit).

The SR600 series and higher are very good, as I have had teh SR-602 in my setup before the panny..

DigitalJunkie 14th February 2006 04:24 PM

Hum,I read a disclaimer on a site that said the Panasonics would freak out and possibly emit the "magic smoke" with a 4ohm load.
Maggies are a pretty "easy"(resistive) 4 ohm load though.

john65b 14th February 2006 06:36 PM

Bah! Do the search. No smoke from mine....

DigitalJunkie 15th February 2006 04:12 PM

Gah! Where is this stuff when I search the first time around?
I tried to find info on the various recievers and 4ohm loads,and came up completely dry on almost all of them! No mention of 4ohms anywhere,except the Onkyo's.
I DID just find some posts/reviews of some Panasonics,which mentioned that they generally behaved with 4 ohm speakers.
Maybe the other reviewer had some 4 ohm speaks. with bad impedance dips,etc? Who knows.

The Maggies will be ordered soon! (next paycheck)
I can't wait to hear them...I love Maggies. :D

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