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gaingrrrl 10th November 2005 08:12 PM

solved problems from Horowitz & Hill

I joined this forum in a desperate google search for "Horowitz and Hill, solved problems"... :headbash:

Does anyone here by any chance have a manual of solved problems for the text book The Art of Electronics, by Horowitz and Hill? All the problems are embedded in the text, and there is no appendix with solutions. I could not find a solutions manual on line to buy, and I emailed the authors but they never wrote back!

If anyone knows of a book of correctly solved problems from this text - the text book, not the lab manual - I would be much obliged to learn of it! :D

Or, if anyone has their own solutions and would be willing to share, I'd be very grateful! :D

thanks very much

EC8010 11th November 2005 05:03 PM

Which particular problem have you been set as homework? :angel:

consort_ee_um 11th November 2005 07:48 PM

winfield hill the co-author of the "bible" is an active member of the forum. It might be worth posting your query or a particular question there.

gaingrrrl 11th November 2005 07:52 PM

solved problems from Horowitz and Hill
I am looking for a manual that has solutions, or solution ideas, for all the problems embedded in the text. I am working as a graduate teaching assistant with a course that uses this text, and the professor assigns problems but does not offer solutions.

I need a regular check on my own work, since I am not an engineer but a basic physics teacher, working on my PhD in physics education. I got this job at the last minute, because they did not have anyone else to fill this position, and my husband, who has a PhD in EE and computer science said he would help me. But, the problems have gone beyond what he can help me with, so in desperation I went searching on the web.

Surely, if this book is the "bible" for electronics courses, then someone "out there" must have solutions...I thought maybe in a discussion forum on EE maybe someone would know.


RDL2004 15th November 2005 07:59 PM

I am not certain this is exactly what you are looking for but you might check into it. It seems like the best shot at helping you out.

The Art of Electronics (Student Manual with Exercises)
by Thomas C. Hayes, Paul Horowitz, 620 pages

Book Description
This manual is both a guide and aid to users of The Art of Electronics. It is carefully organized to follow the chapters of the main text, providing extra explanatory notes, worked examples, solutions to selected exercises and laboratory exercises. Learning aids such as glossaries, reading assignments, objectives, data sheets and summaries are also included. The manual is a product of many years' teaching at Harvard University, which has given the authors direct knowledge of concepts that students find difficult. The extra explanatory detail makes this manual an essential purchase for students using The Art of Electronics.

Just go to and search on "art of electronics"

- Rick

EC8010 15th November 2005 08:48 PM

Re: solved problems from Horowitz and Hill
I see that I misconstrued your original post.


Originally posted by gaingrrrl
I am working as a graduate teaching assistant with a course that uses this text, and the professor assigns problems but does not offer solutions.
That's how I started in teaching. Know that, given half a chance, you will have a mountain of work dumped on you. And once you make the mistake of accepting that unreasonable amount of work, you will never be able to refuse it again. Make a stab at the questions and ask your professor to go through your worked solutions to see if your approach matches with his/hers. Beware that it is not unusual to discover that the professor can't actually solve the problems!

If you stand up to people and demonstrate a degree of competence, life becomes rather better. It did for me. I became a professor (we call them "lecturers" over here.)

Oh, and I'm afraid that the only coherent solution you can give to a student is one you've worked out for yourself.

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