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Jason 9th August 2002 04:59 AM

Sin Bin
This is the "Sin Bin" thread.

People who break the rules and get themselves put in the sinbin will be unable to post for the duration of their stay. Additionally for each sinbinning a moderator will state who and why they were sinbinned. Public comment is not invited, however if you would like to comment on a particular sinbinning please email me personally at I will be happy to discuss any matter in private with you.

dice45 9th August 2002 07:34 AM

cowanrg: sin bin for 14 days
It was decided among moderators to give cowanrg a sin bin sentence of 14 days.
* he posted where to get porn
* he posted incorrect information
* he omitted to apologise for that
* he told a new member to go to another forum
* he annoyed a new member.
* he told a new member he was a liar.

This has just happened in the last six days. Some of those issues may have happened before the new forum rules were announced, but not all and one is already enough. Said issues might violate rules of other audio forum sites, too.

Furthermore cowanrg preferred to ignore helpful hints and tell the moderator (who was trying him to get back on track) instead what to do. He did so more than once. He wasted his and the moderator's effort and time.

(on behalf of all diyAudio moderators and the site owner)

AudioFreak 10th August 2002 03:19 AM

Bill Fitzpatrick - 7 days
Bill Fitzpatrick has been sentenced to 7 days in the sin bin. He has violated the forum rules by starting a thread on where to get porn.


AudioFreak 10th August 2002 03:21 AM

SuckerFish - 7 days sentence
SuckerFish has received 7 days in the sin bin for posting where to get porn.


AudioFreak 10th August 2002 09:01 AM

Nania - 7 days
Nania has been placed in the sin bin for 7 days because he posted where to get porn.


AudioFreak 18th August 2002 05:46 AM

Grataku - 14 days
Grataku has been sentenced to 14 days in the Sin Bin for the following violations of the forum rules

*using offensive language
*harassing other users
*insulting other users


AudioFreak 18th August 2002 01:27 PM

JasonL - 2 days
JasonL has been sentenced to 2 days in the Sin Bin for the following violations of the forum rules

*using offencive language
*insulting other users


AudioFreak 26th August 2002 09:44 AM

PSS AUDIO - 6 weeks
PSS AUDIO is hereby sentenced to serve 6 weeks in the Sin Bin for the following offences:

* Soliciting

* Personal Attacks aimed at other users.

* Failing to follow directives issued by Moderators.


dice45 10th September 2002 05:32 PM

yldouright: 3 weeks sin bin.
AudioFreak has asked an uninvolved fellow moderator to check and to decide the case. I happened to drop in, so i took charge.

yldouright was asked for an apology, his answer was not satisfactory. It does not count IMO that the member asking happened to be moderator; any member could have asked for an apology if he or she feels injustly attacked and the matter could have been settled in a mutally respectful way. AudioFreak did refuse to take charge in a struggle he is involved in.

I looked at the case and did not like at all what happened.

yldouright gets sentence of 3 weeks sin bin.

* Rude and offensive comments (which IMO are hard if not impossible to backup)
* Refused to follow the directive of a moderator

(dice45, diyAudio moderator)

dice45 27th September 2002 12:45 AM

artnyos: 4 weeks sin bin + 12 weeks parole
Artnyos gets 4 weeks sin bin sentence.

* bullying, harrassing, ridiculing, insulting other members.
* instigating another member to commit offenses
* ignoring several warnings by the moderators and gentle tries by moderators and members to set him straight; continuing to be a pain.
* keeping the moderators busy by repeated unjustified use of the "Report this post to a moderator" link.

Summary: challenging the authority of those who try to keep our place peaceful
Corrosive attitude, acidity below pH 0.5

Due to his repeated ignoring of well-meant attempts to make him understand his behaviour cannot go on that way, i add a 12 week parole sentence on those 4 weeks. Means: the faintest complaint during this period triggers 12weeks sin bin.
i have to deeply apologize for the patience i had with Artnyos' stunts, particularly to those members having been harrassed the last few days. I let it go too long.

I sensed from the start i was his pet enemy and i admit i have similar feelings for him, due to the lack of constructive attitude coming from his posts. I wrote him so and hinted we behave like civilized men and stay away from each other and he should stay out of trouble. No private response, the public one was observable.

Having in mind he is "not my best friend", i was extremely careful and tried to be exceptionally just and impartial. This was utterly wrong, i should have acted as swift as i usually do. Artnyos seems to have misinterpreted my patience and lenience as weakness. I have to learn from that.

(dice45, diyAudio moderator)

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