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destroyer X 2nd February 2005 10:44 AM

As you may know, the new "transistor" already arrived at Hewlett Packard.
The new transistor, or the transistor near future substitute is made of 2 small wires crossed by a third one...between them, a molecular extructure will make the connections.

This transistor is thousand times faster and will be at our home computers in a matter of monthes as they promissed.

Well, for us, Solid State Diyers, those advances are good advises to run to near shops and buy the Standard transistors we can, not only new amplifier classes are arriving inside small chips, with big power and good quality, but also that this new microscopice dimensioned technologie will not appear in the giant TO-220 or something alike.

So.... let's find parts and collect them to make your amplifiers, they will turn difficult to find in near future.

I live in third world, undeveloped countries, we use to say developing going countries...hehe.... some another kind expression to not say the real true, and transistors is turning hard here, as everybody runned to Chips, despite their low sound quality (the ones i heard) people runned to them because of simple and cheap.

If we, delayed related many countries, already deduce the market future, of course other countries will start to "burn" stock with special, the time to buy parts are coming.

I have some text published, but in Portuguese, try Hewlett Packard if you did not already had that information.

The Solid State future is coming running fast... attention!, if not had attention, it will pass in front of your eyes so fast that you will no perceive.



Burnedfingers 2nd February 2005 11:07 AM

Carlos, relax, calm dowm and open a brew or two. Many so called advances have come and gone over the years.

So.... let's find parts and collect them to make your amplifiers, they will turn difficult to find in near future.

No need to start mass panic! I'm sure these new devices will have their place in the scheme of things. Heavy duty use will probably not be it for them.

Remember all that glitters is not gold.

destroyer X 2nd February 2005 11:32 AM

In your country, long time ago, when they are searching Gold...
They found some annoying blue...or even green, i do not remember exactly material.....and in big quantities....they tune nervous with that dirty thing inside mountains ... and remove that thing that were impeaching them to find gold.

Outside, some blue mountain of strange material...hehe...was Silver.

A lot of things that has not brigth...if not Gold, can be Silver.



kelticwizard 2nd February 2005 06:53 PM

Amplifiers Without Transistors Or IC's? Without Tubes? May Be On The Way!
New "crossbar latch" useful not only for computers, but amplifies as well!

"The latest research shows that the technology also can be used for amplifying a signal, allowing multiple functions to be applied."

Are we entering a new era in audio? :bigeyes: :bigeyes:

Netlist 2nd February 2005 07:37 PM

Notice the link with the thickness of our hair. In a few decades (or even sooner) this technology will be implemented in human cells.
At least that's what I assume.
Back to the days we were hippies.


demogorgon 3rd February 2005 11:40 PM

hmm... if true, this is very, very nice..

allthough, clearly inferior to quantium computing..
not going to be used within audio though.. maby class D, if their fast enough.. looking forward to seeing it :)

Stocker 4th February 2005 12:10 AM

This is nice and all... except for those of us with 40% of our customers making semiconductors... :clown:

Sch3mat1c 4th February 2005 10:40 AM

I'm not afraid.

Considering.....tubes are still available...... after five decades of transistors...

destroyer X 4th February 2005 10:48 AM

When transistors arrived... sounded bad, and with to much distortions
And we are, since that day, trying to fix those problems.

And searching the good and bad distortions, and correcting errors.

But this substitution will be not to worst thing..... tube was expensive.... big....too much consumption.... enormous...and had some distortions.

Was substituted to other circuits more complicated.... full of distortions...but reduce consumption and goes living this way.

But now, the substitution can be more you will not substitute the bad to the worst..... exactly the opposite.


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