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Lisandro_P 28th June 2002 10:48 PM

Weird discovery with the '95 JLH
It's loud. How loud? Side to side, noticeably LOUDER than a regular A/B amp at the same wattage (on the same set of speakers, of course).

I tried it side-to-side my dad's Sansui 2x12w AB amp, hooked in a multimeter and set both amps to the same output wattage (4w), and yes, it DOES sound much louder. This is even more evident as the volume is raisen. Dad and brother confirmed it too.
Now, i very much doubt that the JLH could be compressing the signal like that, so what's a reasonable explanation? I know most people feel like class-A (and tube amps for that matter) sound "louder", but it does feel like the volume is a few notches up.

Again, i'm loving this amp :) If you want cheap, quality class-a look no further!

sonnya 28th June 2002 10:53 PM

Maybe some signal level get lost because of crossover distortion ;) or it is just a lot better amp at controlling the speaker.


Lisandro_P 29th June 2002 03:09 AM

Heheh... actually, i feel like the sound has more "body", if that makes any sense. I mean, tight bass, clear highs, everything's in its place. It makes the sound fuller, trust me!
And about handing the speaker better, i have no doubt in my mind. The Sansui is a nice amp, but's a cheapo one and they don't tend to handle reactive loads that well. Bummer :)

Duo 29th June 2002 04:02 AM

Yeah, I'd say your JLH would have lots more control. It probably has more body cause it's got better bandwidth and probably less components(maybe) I've had a few amps that sound much better at the same power, cause of more power supply current headroom, tighter design limits, higher bias, basically better ability to handle a load alltogther.

planet10 29th June 2002 05:43 AM


Originally posted by Lisandro_P
The Sansui is a nice amp, but's a cheapo one and they don't tend to handle reactive loads that well.
Two things could be contributing.

The JLH is probably providing more information... so even at the same measured SPL could sound louder because it is providing more.

More likely is the ability of the JLH to provide current capability to keep the power levels up as the load gets reactive. (There is a cos term in the equation and as the current approachs 90 degrees to the voltage the power output goes to zero)

What speakers do you have? Do you have a link to the JLH you built?


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