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Rimband 10th July 2004 03:23 AM

Garbage audio CD's
Hi guys, I hate to hit you with this one, but it has been mentioned on this board and many more than I can count. This has to do with the hypercompressed CD's. I know this is a DIY audio forum, but we all need each other's help.

We need to let the record industries somehow, some way we won't tolerate this compressed garbage anymore. It has been mentioned on this board, (plus many others), people complain, but nothing is being done about it. I'm not saying "BURN THE RIAA DOWN", but let's let them know how we feel.

Post it to CNN, MSNBC, any other news outlet, (the major news outlets can be a PITA, because every turn you make, there's advertising thrown in your face), and let them know we're sick and tired of it. We want to let them know we like 96 dB dynamic range with our 44.1 Khz sampling rate, NOT THE LAST 6dB!!

We have to do something about it, not analyze each other's waveforms, c'mon, us audio people know what digital clipping sounds like and looks like!

I'm not trying to raise hell on our group, all of you have been very excellent and informative with your posts, but this is an international problem we all can hopefully solve. Thank you all for your time and take care!:)

cowanrg 10th July 2004 03:43 AM

i have worked in the audio industry for the past couple years, selling audio gear. i can tell you that probably only 5% of the population has gear capable of hearing the differences between a compressed recording and a good one.

i dont want to call it a lost cause, but few people really care about it. ironically, if they realized that the people who actually care probably buy the most cds, it might make a difference. those who buy mp3's dont care about sound quality and are fine with the compression.

Hybrid fourdoor 10th July 2004 03:46 AM


Originally posted by cowanrg
those who buy mp3's dont care about sound quality and are fine with the compression.
Several million poeple can't be wrong :rolleyes:

cowanrg 10th July 2004 03:48 AM

its not a matter of right or wrong.

bose is the largest speaker in the US. yet, its the worst. simply educating a few billion people about audio isnt that easy.

Sch3mat1c 10th July 2004 06:30 AM


Originally posted by Hybrid fourdoor

Several million poeple can't be wrong :rolleyes:

But 100 million can. I say just stop buying the crap, no one needs to hear Spears on a Zen anyway.

cowanrg 10th July 2004 06:32 AM

hehe, exactly... from what ive found, good music is recorded well. if the artist cares about recording quality, typically, they care about music, and its good stuff.


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