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Fred Dieckmann 24th May 2004 11:30 PM

Public opion poll.........anyone?
" Re: As Paul Harvy says............ Post #273

Originally posted by Fred Dieckmann

Please read the WHOLE data sheet, there is more on stability and layout.

I can also read: "*Optional components dependent upon specific designrequirements. Refer to the Application Information section for more information."

My experience show that they are not required in my application. You have no experience, as you've built only one amp.

EDIT: I would have post it in the other thread, but then it would be out of context. I leave it to moderators to use the most suitable approach.

Last edited by Peter Daniel on 05-24-2004 at 05:08 pm"

Who else on forum thinks I have no amplifier design experience, and that building a gain clone from the data sheet without paying attention to most of it is experience in amplifier design. Oh wait a minute ....... I seem to remember him saying he wasn't an amplifier designer rnot to long ago. Now he seems to think he is qualified to decide if I am. Whats wrong with this picture? Or maybe I'm confused and he wants me to design gain clones on the forum........

till 24th May 2004 11:38 PM

Fred, go, drink a beer.

We all know you are much more experienced in electronics. We all know, and Peter also, its easy to make you upset with a little provokation...

Peter Daniel 24th May 2004 11:43 PM

Personally, I never seen Fred acting like that. It seems like his clutching to the last straw of public opinion safety heaven.

I will not say anything, but somebody is definitely loosing ground here.

guido 24th May 2004 11:48 PM

For JP and Till, warning 3.8 Mb:

Nothing to do with audio, but this is anything else...

Sorry to be off topic, was editing my post in the previous one when it was closed..

Fred Dieckmann 24th May 2004 11:48 PM

I don't drink beer.
"We all know, and Peter also, its easy to make you upset with a little provokation..."

A little provocation huh?

"As I said before, it's not about Zobels or chip amps, or Fred and the gang. It's about how we will feel a year from now, browsing this place." -PD

I don't think we will have to wait a year or even a week to see how we'll feel. The guys that have been here for awhile know exactly what the problems are and have stated them many times. I have a pretty good idea what the forum will look like in year if trends continue as they are ............

Peter Daniel 24th May 2004 11:54 PM

Hey Fred, even in your own thread you can't stay on topic. But of course, it's none of my business;)

Are the guys you talk about are otherwise referred to as Audio Gods?

till 24th May 2004 11:56 PM

guido: great!

Fred Dieckmann 24th May 2004 11:56 PM

You just did*

Originally posted by Peter Daniel
Personally, I never seen Fred acting like that. It seems like his clutching to the last straw of public opinion safety heaven.

I will not say anything, but somebody is definitely loosing ground here.

There is no safety in public opinion. I would settle for just getting some thing other than personal slander from someone with an obvious chip on his shoulder. The moderators will figure whats going on sooner or later. I'll wait.

"I will not say anything"*

Peter Daniel 25th May 2004 12:01 AM

Re: You just did*

Originally posted by Fred Dieckmann

"I will not say anything"*

I would recommend it in your own best interest. Something that I usually forget to apply in my own doing.;)

motherone 25th May 2004 12:09 AM

All i'm going to say is this.. Both of you have built a helluva lot more amplifiers than I have.. I'm certainly not going to get inbetween the two of you going at each other. From what I have read, Fred certainly seems qualified from a technical standpoint to determine whether or not a zobel is critical to performance. Peter, on the other hand, may have empirical data to prove otherwise.

All I'd like to say is that I wish this whole thread would end.

Fred -- you're a respected designer with nothing to prove, at least to me, and probably to most of the other people on this board. If you feel like you need to prove it in a thread, please take the suggestion above and go get a beer.. No need to torment yourself based on what someone says to you who doesn't have the same engineering background that you do.

You've given everyone the warning that the zobel is "The right way" to do things. You can't make them do it. You can't change Peter's mind. All you can hope to do it take a high ground and explain in laymans terms (or maybe higher, but for me, layman's terms are best.. I have the EE skills of a racoon chewing on telephone wires). Once youv'e done that, it's pretty much up to whomever is building it to do what they want. You can't force people to do what they don't understand, or do understand and choose to ignore. If a DIYer nukes their speakers or has problems, they've nobody to blame but themselves. If Peter's amps do it, I'm sure he'll be getting calls real quick :D

Peter -- You have empirical data that states contrary to what Fred is showing. Perhaps your amplifiers have not been tried with really nasty speakers/cables/loads. All I can say is just be thankful that someone who has the qualifications that Fred does cares enough to provide input on your designs, and possibly help you to improve them. Fred may seem more of an alarmist to someone who's a gung-ho DIYer, but I'm sure he has plenty of experience to back up what he's telling you.

Regardless, guys, you both contribute too much to these boards to continue on bickering like school children. It adds nothing to the content of the boards, and wastes bandwidth (mental and otherwise!).

Personally, i'd love to see a FD implementation of a LM3875/3886/chipamp. Nothing tweaky or unncessary, just how you would design it if you were to do it, and see the a chipamp done from your perspective. I know we're unlikely to see it due to your friend building some amps, but for those of us that are DIY and don't buy commercial gear, maybe you could entice us with something nifty and different from all the stripped-down-bare-minimum designs. Who knows, maybe you'll create the non-gainclone chipamp movement :devilr:

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