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pitch 31st December 2012 04:11 PM

Is it possible to make a speaker as good as Polk for Home Theater?
I have looked at some other threads. I saw one that referenced this:

The Madisound Speaker Store

I would like to build something as good as the Tsi100 and then the Rti series. I have tools for woodworking, so I don't mind that part of it. I understand many basics on sound, what drivers do, crossovers, endless tutorials, theory, etc., but I've never actually built one.

Truth is that maybe one day I'd like to build and sell, maybe a couple of years from now if I got good enough. But if I can never compete quality-wise with mass marketers then it's only a hobby. Not that that's bad. I'm just an entrepreneur at heart as well as a DIYer.

Is it possible? Is it possible to do it cheaper or close to it? I don't want to make junk. Application is home theater and music in home, no car audio. Thanks.

edit: I know about kits from parts-express and others. Really looking for buying piecemeal. Much more exciting that way, getting higher quality parts.

Devilsdance7775 1st January 2013 08:38 AM

Everything is possible. IT is just the matter of time, money and final result. There was one guy who said that human being has only two ear so it should be only two driver to provide proper stereo with minimal phase and rest of distortions =) Polk Rti series is a master piece of multiple driver installation. Looks very impressive but I doubt it is capable to give you a true sound. May be it will work for movies. A couple years ago I got in mind the same and I ended up with Dynaudio Esotec 242 kit. SO I got it, I downloaded some software to calculate vented box. I made it. Spent some money to get a proper wooden box. Wonna say you it sounds amazing. And one of the benefit is that the system is just 2 woofers and two speakers, which, as I can imagine, was simple for Dynaudio engineers to built in balance =)

Ahmad_tbp 1st January 2013 10:49 AM

I m sure that you can build one much much better than Tsi100 if you build it right , polk audio as you can imagine is not popular with audiophiles , as they are more commercial than sounding great , 95% of commercial products only have the looks and that s how they have customers ,I didnt build or hear that zaph audio kit but heard good things about zaph , with some knowledge and some equipment you can design and build some serious stuff with much less money you have to spend on commercial product , in the end , if you are serious DIYer and know what you are doing and have the knowledge and experience you won't take most of commercial products seriously , BUT to competing with them (price/performance) is something else and that s completely different area , sometimes something will cost you more than its commercial but you gonna end up do it yourself :D, at the end for your own use I m sure you can build muchhhh better speakers than commercial products
this is a good point to start :

sreten 1st January 2013 11:23 AM


Originally Posted by pitch (
I know about kits from parts-express and others.
Really looking for buying piecemeal.
Much more exciting that way, getting higher quality parts.


More exciting ? Far more likely to wrong .......

SoundStage! Measurements - Polk Audio RTi A1 Loudspeakers (3/2010)

Typical AV speaker. No evidence of any BSC. Something odd going on
just below 1KHz. Overbright above 1KHz by quite a bit in hifi terms.

SoundStage! Equipment Review - Polk Audio RTi A1 Loudspeakers (3/2010)

The cabinet build seems very good and difficult to replicate.

The ZA5.2 is a lot less sensistive than the Polk as it has some BSC.

Combine this with the less emphasised treble end and
your talking about two very different sounding speakers.

rgds, sreten.

pitch 1st January 2013 03:17 PM

I don't think I could make an exact duplicate of a Polk, just a speaker, whatever it looked like, that sounded as good as a polk. I don't mean they are the standard for audiophiles, just the regular listener, so I figured I needed some threshold to shoot for. I know I wouldn't want to make something less, just so I could say I made something.

sreten 1st January 2013 04:19 PM


One things for sure, given the time needed to make very good cabinets,
it will be impossible to make speakers you can sell at mainstream prices,
and it being worth your while to do so.

DIY Loudspeakers
Humble Homemade Hifi

I'm pretty sure all do commissioned work but the person paying
for it knows its not going to be cheap, comparable to buying new,
and far less cost effective than buying used very good speakers.

rgds, sreten.

prairieboy 1st January 2013 06:31 PM

And also check ... Blog

There is an incredible wealth of info on all these sites ...

pitch 2nd January 2013 03:37 AM

But don't some of you guys sell your speakers?

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