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rachaelmarie 8th December 2012 06:53 AM

Help me please
I have a camera and the lcd screen broke, so i bought one for 20 bucks and started to replace it when i seen the little tiny flexable orange/copper colored wire/cable thing is broken:eek:, i have looked everywhere to find out how to fix this and i came across this site and the people on here seem like they know what they are talking about. I am a girl but i am a try to fix it before you trash it kinda girl, and i have no money to try and get it fixed. Someone please help me with detailed instructions. Thank you!:D

Mooly 8th December 2012 07:04 AM

Hi Rachael,
I suspect this won't be good news. These "flexiprints" as they are called are (can be) brittle. These is no real way to repair them although if just an odd run is broken then it may be possible to carefully solder a wire from the socket ends on the PCB to "replace" the broken line. Soldering on the print doesn't usually work. Depending on the current involved scraping and applying some of that conductive paint you sometimes see might work but the foil (more correctly paint) wouldn't stand any flexing.

Rplacement is the best optiion by far if you can get one but nothing lost experimenting if you can't.

freax 8th December 2012 07:07 AM

superglue it down, but make sure that the metal contacts don't get any glue on them, they need to touch the other contacts without anything inbetween them inorder to work properly.

has the cable come off of the lcd screen itself or the pcb?

what kind of camera is it? make and model.

If you have a second camera (even if you borrow one) it would be good if you could show us exactly where the break is. and upload the photo to and copy the link back to here.

A photo of where the break is will answer a lot of our questions.

sofaspud 8th December 2012 07:18 AM

How much does this conductive strip flex? Short of replacement, I only know to scrap off some of the insulation and solder a bridge across the break(s). This may be just a solder bridge, or solder a fine jumper wire across. If you use 30AWG wire and lightly apply solder to the ends only, it may allow for sufficient flexibility. Make sure any added bulk doesn't impede the movement of the screen. Unfortunately these things break right where they flex the most. I've never seen any repair procedure; this fix is all I've been able to think of.

rachaelmarie 8th December 2012 07:22 AM

To freax
It is contacted to the lcd screen. On the flexwire thing there is a bigger one and coming out the side there is a little small one with 2 wires in it, it is very little. The camera is a Exilim EX Z90. And i have no idea what a pcb is by the way, sorry. And i will try to take a picture with my webcam it will not be that clear though.

Mooly 8th December 2012 07:35 AM

A PCB is the printed circuit board... all the electronic stuff. The flexiprint will joint two "PCB's together.

Here's how to attach pictures,

To add a photo, files or non standard files.

First click "go advanced" in the box below the "quick reply" message box. Doesn't matter if you decide half way through a message to do that, it carries it foward.

Then click "Manage attachements". Maximise the new Window so that you can see all the text.

Click browse in the first box at the top and find your picture. Repeat for any more pictures.
Click upload... a message appears "uploading"
When complete the files will show as being attached. Now click the small text that says "close this window"

The pictures should now be attached and when you submit your post they will appear.

If you want to attach a file that has a non standard format for example excel, circuit simulation etc then try putting the files in a zipped folder and attaching that.

rachaelmarie 8th December 2012 08:02 AM

Mooly 8th December 2012 08:09 AM


You mean the print at the top of the piccy. Bit hard to make out but it looks very fine. Realistically replacement is the only fix tbh. Not what you wanted to hear I guess.

freax 8th December 2012 11:54 AM

If the cable itself is ripped then yes your gonna have to get another one, what I would do is send it back to the seller of the lcd screen (if its from china/hong kong) and get them to send you out another one.

Or just buy another lcd screen for $20.

You've gotta be careful with those little cables, soldering to them is pretty difficult to almost impossible, so I doubt the suggestion that someone else made here will work on this paticular task.

Sorry for the bad news but yeah looks like another lcd screen is gonna be needed so you can try again.

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