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rsavas 10th November 2012 02:57 PM

Rick's creations
Okay, know where else to put this. This thread is for members to discuss my software(SW) & hardware(HW) efforts in relation to applying Atmel AVR MCU's and various parts to make working audio units. We can take these basic building blocks and modify to meet a wide range of applications.
1) Portable radio/media player unit. Pics linked to
2) 7.1 channel analog/digital pre-amp unit
3) LME49830+Lafet Power Amp module and associated circuitry
4) Si4770 based design

rsavas 10th November 2012 03:31 PM

This thread is a branch from of thread
where the hardware (HW) creator(s) were not willing to offer their source code, hex code or make available pre-programmed parts to the DIY community, for their own reasons. I offered to give out some code to help members. The assumptions are:
1) That the members that I give the code to, help to contribute in my efforts to create better, more featured code, for audio control applications
2) That members purchase a compiler (BASCOM-AVR) from MCS Electronics, as the choice of MCU is Atmel AVR! I will not entertain any other MCU.
3) That members have HW to run to code on or it seems meaningless. The HW has to have commonalities with regard to the parts used in the design. In some cases it results in the creation of libraries for specific parts that allows adaptation of various possibilities.
Lets have some fun with this

tvicol 11th November 2012 07:02 AM

The page vicol audio : r-2r volume controller

– low tolerance R-2R network with melf resistors
– attenuation in 64 steps - each step 1dB
– Input resistance ranges from 20k to 1M for a Rload of 1M.
– Output resistance ranges from 9.75k to 10.5k.
– 4 selectable inputs with option to edit input name
– one direct input
– Infrared RC5 autolearning (can be used with any RC5 compatible universal remote)
– display light programmable 0n/off - if off timeout 10s
– tube menu for delaying plate voltage

LED Atmel software

LCD Atmel software

How to program and update your Volume-Controller firmware.
How to set-up infrared remote controll for your Volume-Controller
PCB PDF files
BOM list - Bill Of Materials
PCB dimensions.

And here what we sell vicol audio : Webshop

Thanks !

rsavas 11th November 2012 01:38 PM

"tvicol", the problem that I see is that the users/customers do not learn anything about programming with your offerings.
I do not blame you for wanting to make a money from your hard work, we all have to live/eat/pay bills, but you should post your stuff in the manufacturers section and not open your project for discussion, as you have done, if the user can not write or discuss coding for your projects.
BTW, I opened this discussion thread to talk about my offerings not yours.

tvicol 11th November 2012 03:24 PM


Originally Posted by rsavas (
BTW, I opened this discussion thread to talk about my offerings not yours.

Than keep your discusions about your offerings not mine.
BTW, if you make the effort to read that thread you΄ll sse that we shared a lot of code with lot of people. We offered support and customisations, but it΄s so easy to talk about others work when you have nothing to offer.

rsavas 11th November 2012 03:41 PM

Okay, fine, you have made your points.
I have lots to offer, are you asking? What would you like?
Just thought that it is rude of you to post your stuff in my thread as you have done.
Sorry to have involved myself in your thread, if I could, I would delete it all and move on. I have responded to AndrewT as he is the one who brought up the ?'s about you not releasing your source code, this is your right and you know that I read what linuxguru writes then I understand more your position in this matter. So go ahead and prosper from a code written on demo compiler = unethical in my mind but this is the world we live in, full of rats.

tvicol 13th November 2012 07:25 AM


Originally Posted by rsavas (
... So go ahead and prosper from a code written on demo compiler = unethical in my mind but this is the world we live in, full of rats.

FYI. We have two BASCOM-AVR licenses. One from 2010 and one from 2012.
Indeed the very first VC versions we have used a demo to develop our product, but the code grows and as you may know the demo version have a compilation limit of 4KB while our code is near 19KB.

The rat.

rsavas 18th November 2012 03:19 PM

Thanks for confirming that you support MCS Electronics, maybe we get others to join as well.
I thought that you would or not, like the "rat" bit, take no offense, sorry
Have you thought about putting in a radio or a mp3 player in your designs? I have working HW/SW for these features?


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