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drembo 13th August 2003 06:31 PM

How much $ am I saving my wife?
I have been builing myself a new system, it's not completed yet but it's getting there. I have been making tube guitar amps for years but still have been using the same massive solid state reciever that I bought 25 years ago while in college. I decided it was time to upgrade, and I had been pondering what to buld next to keep myself busy. So, my system includes a bottlehead foreplay preamp with the anticipation upgrade and stepped attenuators. Also have upgraded the output caps with Hovelands. Right now I am building a pair of JE Labs 300B monoblocks as described at and am using their part list which includes Rikens and Tantalums, blackgates, Angela polypropelene in oil filter caps, Alps pots, Angela power trannys and Hammond output transformers. The preamp and monoblocks are in polished aluminum and hardwood chassis of my own design and making. My speakers will be Hammer Dynamics super 12s in veneered mdf cabs. All tubes will be NOS except the 300Bs which will be some current production tubes other than Western Electric.
Can anyone give me an educated guess what a system like this would cost if I walked in to a store and bought similar components at retail price( not kits, but finished products). Help me convince my wife I am doing a good thing here.

SY 13th August 2003 07:15 PM

If you have to explain this to your wife, you're doomed.

faustian bargin 13th August 2003 07:29 PM


i can just hear it now: "Who is this Angela person?!"

It's really really hard to justify this stuff by using the cost savings argument. Not that you're not saving money...but think of it this way: say you found a good deal on a Lambourghini. Unless your wife is really into impractical sports cars, there's no way the argument 'I can't afford NOT to get it!' will fly.

I think I have my wife convinced that doing this hobby is something that makes me happy, and that's good enough for her.

Good luck.

Actually you could remind her of all the other unsavory things you could be spending money on instead of this wholesome hobby...

(I don't recommend that approach either, however.)



dhaen 13th August 2003 07:48 PM

In fact it could be argued that "male hobbies" in general are a distraction from that fundamental male urge to chase as many women as possible.

I wouldn't mention that either:smash:

As for those that manage both.........:cannotbe:

tiroth 13th August 2003 08:19 PM

I've come to the conclusion that you will spend as much or more DIY than if you bought something. It just is a lot more satisfying, and hopefully sounds a lot better.

(I mean that you will spend your budget either way, not that you aren't getting more bang for the buck)

mlloyd1 13th August 2003 08:41 PM

spoken like one who knows ....

me too :bawling:

who is waving goodbye to stuff as we "speak"


Originally posted by SY
If you have to explain this to your wife, you're doomed.

mlloyd1 13th August 2003 08:47 PM

I am convinced the only successful approach, if you must have a S.O., is to find one that has the same hobby.

However, good luck; in 25 years, I have only encountered 3 women that claim audio as a hobby, 1 of those was a DIYer.

All three were already married :-)

Hey, my wife even asks me "Who's Jocko?" :-)



Originally posted by faustian bargin
I think I have my wife convinced that doing this hobby is something that makes me happy, and that's good enough for her.


Burnedfingers 13th August 2003 09:49 PM


To be blunt and to the point, we are all under the false illusion that we can convence our spouses of anything. They only let us think we have convenced them.

They hold the money,power, sex, and everything else. I suggest that you get down on your hands and knees and beg for all that your worth that she let you continue your work/hobby. Be honest and tell her that you enjoy this fantastic electronic hobby far more than you do her company. Tell her that without this hobby you might just tend to stray and go hunting for something walking the streets.

At this point you will have several options... Tell her you were only kidding and would never stray. Tell her that you were wrong to ever want any type of hobby/interest.


wrl 13th August 2003 09:59 PM

Run man, just run
Strap whatever you can to your back and run.

JK, its not just S.O's. I decided to dig into the audio world this summer and it has eaten up my entire social life...

"Sorry guys I can't go out tonight, I'm assembling panels."

Like thats gonna get me any chicks. LOL. Oh well IMHO its all worth it. Unless it doesn't end up working. Then curse it.


Burnedfingers 13th August 2003 10:03 PM


Strap whatever you can to your back and run.
:idea: :bawling: :eek: :bigeyes: :devily:

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