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River757 31st March 2011 04:48 PM

Onkyo's 2.0 channel gear for us "Regular Joes" :^)
First, I will define "Regular Joes" :) ---> people that cannot afford McIntosh, Arcam or Naim equipment, but also don't want to own gear that is 100% plastic and sold at a store that also sells tires, socks and peanut butter.

Anyway, here it is.........

Onkyo TX-8050 network-capable stereo receiver

European version - you guys can also choose a silver finish - over here we get stuck with one choice :(, black.....again.

Onkyo has been selling two conventional stereo receivers for several years now for those that don't want or need surround sound (they are listed on Onkyo's site), but this is the first one with "modern" features like a front-panel USB port for music stored on a flashdrive and an ethernet port for connection to a LAN. That last feature really excites me because it means the owner can listen to all those internet "radio" stations out there, from all parts of the world, while sitting on his couch and just pushing a few buttons on the remote (and if this model works like the receivers from Yamaha and Pioneer, no computer is needed, just a broadband modem). Plus he can also access music files stored on his computer's hard drive.

There's also a subwoofer output, but am not sure if a bass management system is included with it i.e. high and low pass filters and channel level controls (the only stereo receiver I personally am aware of that is equipped with this important feature is Outlaw Audio's RR2150).


C-7030 CD-only player

European version

Woohoo, a decent CD player with no hi-res circuitry to take money away from the redbook playback portion! :) I am not against hi-res digital - I have owned a Pioneer hi-res player for 7 years now - but admittedly only a tiny portion of music fans have an interest in those formats, so it would be nice to have a choice of CD players that didn't include a feature they had to pay for, but would never actually use.

Btw Yamaha has also started selling more stereo receivers and integrated amps, including a series that is styled like their gear from the late 70s.

While I love surround music, which unfortunately has been relegated to super-niche status, IMO mostly because of the popularity of MP3 players and plastic docking boomboxes, a good stereo system can also provide for some very enjoyable listening experiences.

River757 1st April 2011 03:39 PM

Wow not one comment on this?

So only mega-expensive gear with solid titanium knobs and 24K gold plated XLR connectors is acceptable for listening to music? :(

picowallspeaker 1st April 2011 04:21 PM

If I can\'t get hernia , I don\'t like it .

River757 1st April 2011 05:01 PM


Originally Posted by picowallspeaker (
If I can't get hernia , I don't like it .


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