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tom1356 31st July 2003 03:13 PM

DIY silver RCA panel mount jacks
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I have been threatening to build these for a while. These are made to fit into a slot so they are not threaded. All done with a drill press and a belt sander. Teflon sure is nice to work with. The best part is I can make them as long as I want. I think I'll make a set out of wood and see if they sound any different.

analog_sa 31st July 2003 03:31 PM

Great! Please tell us more about the construction and the sound.

tom1356 31st July 2003 04:05 PM

I don't know how they sound yet.

The standard disclaimer follows...
Don't try this at home you will die in the process!!!

I started with a flat sheet of 38 gauge fine silver.

I made the outer ring by cutting a piece that kind of looks like a seven. The long thin part was formed into a very small tube which runs through the body and is how the electrical connection is made. The wide short part was rolled and soldered into the ring shape. The center part is a thin long piece that is rolled into a tube. It is thicker at one end to keep the pin from pushing it through.

I started with a block of 1" x 4" x 12" Teflon.

I cut the pieces to just over their final 5/8 x 9/16 x 1 15/16 size.
Then i made cuts with a table saw around all four sides to mark the depth of the jack part, the mount plate, and the slot.
Then I used a stand mounted belt sander to make the cylindrical parts by hand.
Then I drilled the holes. I find that a drill press turned by hand (no power on) to be the best way to get precision holes in Teflon.

Any suggestions would be great.

JOE DIRTŪ 31st July 2003 04:52 PM

Tom that is a masterpiece!!!you could always run a die over the external body and buy some teflon nuts
I like the fact that they can except thick panels especially when using wooden cabinets
keep us posted on your evaluation when you install a set as I look forward to reading your results!!

Cheers!!The DIRTŪ

tom1356 1st August 2003 05:43 PM

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I thought about the design and I still didn't like the idea that there would be a solder joint at the conector so I changed them a little. I used the same teflon body but instead of the sheet silver i used the silver hook up wire and coiled it around a form. A little solder to hold it and some files and sand paper to get rid of the solder. I am comparing the two and version 2.0 is better. This should also make it a little easier for people to try.
Now on to the wood ones...stay tuned!

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