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dfidler 23rd August 2010 08:30 PM

Wiki pages - Help & Sign up?
Hi Everyone,

I'd like this thread to server two purposes.
  1. Explain what is going on with the diyAudio wiki
  2. Allow people to volunteer/signup to create wiki articles for diyAudio.

But first a little bit of....


Keantoken and I have been restructuring the wiki a little bit and, as such, are hoping to get a bit more content in there. Have a look at the new front page.

There are a number of topics there and, sadly, they're almost all blank or simply don't exist. This is where I'm hoping you can help.

The range of topics that are there right now are all very very basic stuff. That's only because we're trying to get things started as we want the wiki to become a resource that is useful for all diyAudio fanatics.

So what we're hoping is that some of you can take a few hours out of your busy lives to help share some of your knowledge with the rest of us. Topics do not have to be from the list of the stuff on the front page, they can be about any piece of knowledge.

What we're looking for

Some examples of the topics that we're looking to fill...
  • The basics
  • Advanced Topics
  • Tutorials on software
  • Projects Projects Projects! - if you've created a design, we would love to see it immortalized in the wiki! This makes it MUCH easier than searching through 100,00+ threads for this stuff.
  • Migrate an old wiki article to the new wiki

But in reality, articles can be about anything provided that they follow one rule.... wiki articles are designed to share knowledge with people, not ask for it. That means if you want to know why your new amp is noisy, start a thread, don't post an article.

To get you started....

I've created a Wiki Editing Guide that you can use as a reference for your wiki endeavours.

How long should it take?

We realize that everyone is busy, heck we're busy as well. But we're interested in contributing to a resource that people will find informative. So we ask that you write an article that isn't going to bore you with the whole concept of the wiki from day one.

If that means that you could spare 2-3 hours in an evening to gloss over a topic, that's awesome!!! If it means that you want to spend a few hours over a couple of weeks to put something together, that's great too.

But please remember that wikis are collaborative. The content that you put in there does not have to be 100% there because chances are that someone else can come along later and beef it up.

So how long should it take to write an article? You tell us!

How can I volunteer?

Just post a reply to this thread. Let us know what you want to work on (so that others don't go and do it while you're doing it) and then go for it!

dfidler 23rd August 2010 08:36 PM

I'll work on the Electronics:GettingStarted article. Because I can barely read a schematic, it gives me a pretty good perspective on what a person doesn't know when they first start.

However, I'd love it if some of you ubers would volunteer to add their own flavour to my articles as I'm going to miss out on tons of stuff that you guys went through when you were starting.

keantoken 23rd August 2010 11:09 PM

Most of the work has been done by Dfidler, and I was supposed to write an article but I'm still thinking about it - maybe procrastinating, but not quite!

Anyways, if you want to help out but don't have a lot to contribute, please put something in your signature like "Help grow the DIYAudio WIKI!" along with a link to the front page. This will help get our message out, as opposed to having it "out of sight out of mind".

- keantoken

keantoken 23rd August 2010 11:59 PM

One idea for those not knowing where to start is to find a thread about a project, amp or something of interest, read through all the posts and summarize it into a wiki article. There are a lot of bits and pieces of knowledge in such threads that you won't find anywhere else.

If you are unsure of what you wrote, it is best to make a thread about your article in the appropriate forum and ask what others think. After all, wiki is about collaboration.

- keantoken

dfidler 24th August 2010 09:36 AM


Originally Posted by keantoken (
if you want to help out but don't have a lot to contribute, please put something in your signature like "Help grow the DIYAudio WIKI!" along with a link to the front page.

That's an awesome idea!

dfidler 27th August 2010 09:49 AM

Please remember that you don't need to be a wiki expert to contribute. If you have something that you want to share, reply here and I can work with you to get it into the wiki, even if it means copy/pasting it in there myself!

DanielPool 28th August 2010 04:57 PM


So at the suggestion of difler, I'm going to post my intent to try to pull this threadnought (almost 180 pages) on Sure Electronic's 2x100W TP2050 tripath board into a wiki page. There have been numerous suggestions made throughout the thread on how to improve the sound, and almost as many as the posts asking people to summarise what mods are suggested.

We'll see where I get to, but hopefully I'll get some decent content up there before I reach burn out!


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