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lisah 31st July 2010 03:02 PM

trying to make a Listening device - live sound to headphones - cheaply!

really hoping someone can give me some advice! im new to making my own devices - but really want to get better at it!!

listening device :
basically the same as an 'Edirol R09' (any digital sound recorder), i want to be able to feed live sound (coming from binaural mics) straight to someones headphones. But i dont want to use my Edirol for this, i want to be able to have something cheap to pass around from person to person!

So - i was thinking about Arduino -- but it is quite expensive and am (unsurprisingly) new to that too.

So - I started experimenting with cutting up portable speakers for their amps and seeing if i could piece something together... The best result i have found is by cutting up a megaphone (one that has a minijack input line) because here i have everything i need ;
- battery power
- volume contoll already wired in
- amp
- on/off already there
- headphone wires leading out
- mic input (through minijack or wires)


BUT ... it is in mono!!! and i need stereo as i am using binaruals .... :spin:


can i convert this to stereo? - if so how? :confused:

is there another similarly easy way to do this but achieve stereo? :confused:

This is just the basic beginning that i am struggling with... ideally i would also make it have an automatic volume control (so that pre programmed volume changes could happen while they are listening) and also that it would record the sound.. but think i should get the basics down first!!

ANY HELP GRATEFULLY RECEIVED!! i am a student studying sound art and have little technical ability!!:):)
SO many thanks!

gmphadte 2nd August 2010 05:40 AM

Use two and an extra wire. Two mono is one stereo.

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