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protos 3rd March 2010 11:27 AM

DIY Schumann resonator?
Having read some positive reviews about the effect these resonators have on the audio experience I wanted to try to make a diy version to see for myself instead of spending "the long green" on the expensive Acoustic Revive or other models.
Now I understand these are based on a freq of 7.83hz so I was thinking as a starting point why not get a simple function generator like this
Function Generator Kit : TR Kits : Maplin
and connect it to an inductor or coil directly or through a buffer.This would transmit this frequency magnetically to the room.
Would this work? Or is it more (or less)complicated?
I guess some radio hams would know the answer.

protos 3rd March 2010 11:32 AM

Some links to the reviews
6moons audio reviews: Healing Earth Schumann Synchronizer
6moons audio reviews: Acoustic Revive RR-77
StereoTimes --

Allen Wright 3rd March 2010 12:58 PM

You don't need all th ecomplexity of a function gene, a simple NE555 will work perfectly and be powerful enough to make a good ELF ER gene.

But using a coil will not work - ER doesn't use a magnetic firld, you need a scalar field and that's best and easist to do with a cancelled magnetic field. Just take a two winding transformer and wire the two coils "backwards" so their magnetic fields cancel - works a treat.

Regards, Allen

protos 3rd March 2010 07:41 PM

If they cancel then what is radiated?
In a well researched clinical study;col1
on the effects of the schumann resonances on patients suffering from Chronic fatigue syndrome it says the following:
" EM radiations contain five quantities: the velocity of propagation, the electric and magnetic fields, and the electric scalar and the magnetic vector potentials. (21) EM potentials are generated by destructive interference of two EM fields of equal magnitude but out of phase by 180[degrees]. The information contained in the EM fields still exists in the EM potential, but hidden from detection by available EM measuring devices. However, EM potential energy results in biological effects in vitro and clinical effects in vivo. (21,22) If the EM potential information is imprinted into water by exposing water to the EM potential, further incubation of biological materials with this imprinted water will result in biological effects similar to those observed when these biological materials are exposed directly to the EM potentials. (22) Obviously, this observation has great clinical implications, since water could serve as a cartier of beneficial and harmful frequencies. Of interest is the observation that EM field information cannot be imprinted in water. Only the magnetic vector potential possesses this property. (21) Probably because of this property of EM potentials, transfer of bioinformation occurs via EM potentials not EM fields. "
So here it is mentioning two freq but 180 degrees out of phase.(Have to look up scalar field.This is new territory for me.)
So are we talking about creating two frequencies and partially cancelling them to give a sum of 7.83hz or one frequency?
From what I understand from your post Allen you have tested this yourself and output this one freq to two opposing windings of a transformer.Is this this a sine wave and what powers are we talking about?The study mentions 12 mw as ideal.
However looking at the acoustic revive innards I see a pcb with square helical type of pattern of copper which I assume is an antenna etched on the pcb so no coil/s there.

moray james 3rd March 2010 08:02 PM

I have listened to a unit sold by another company (not
Revive) though they claim to be selling the same design but in a smaller case. I have listened to two of these in two different (homes) systems with similar results. This unit is smaller than the Revive and though I have not looked inside I cannot see how it could have the same size of coil seen in the Revive. I wondered if a simple ferrite dipole antenna similar to the kind used in portable radios would work as well? Just a thought. The unit seen at the 6-moons site would seem to be a 555 timer from the appearance and simplicity of the design. Regards Moray James.

analog_sa 3rd March 2010 08:46 PM

I have also listened to a unit based on a 555 and a coil. In fact two units with minor differences in construction - one used a toroidal mains transformer. The effect was immediately audible and both units sounded distinctly different. Not sure if i really liked what it did but the mere audibility really impressed me. Could the effect be due to EMI?

Allen Wright 3rd March 2010 09:01 PM

Protos, what is radiated is a scalar wave, not an EM wave.

Look it up on the web, you'll find 10,000 references.

The antenna of the Revive gadget alsomakes a scalar wave, but reverse wiring a transformer dos the same thing.

The body and all living things are very sensitive to scalar waves.

Regards, Allen

moray james 4th March 2010 02:08 AM

here are a couple of interesting links I found that are related.
The Scalar Waves Transmitter by JL Naudin
JLN Labs - Scalar Waves Research

scott wurcer 4th March 2010 02:21 AM

WOW! J Naudin is a well known "little flagger" Virtually everything he posts is total nonsense. I see he has moved from magneto-gravidics to scalsr fields. Scalar waves are garbage physics plain and simple.

wwenze 4th March 2010 03:58 AM

scalar wave - Google Search

937,000 references, and none of which that looks like it has sense in the first 10 results, even the wiki entry labelled pseudoscience had been deleted.

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