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jkeny 20th August 2009 06:37 PM

A bit of Audio Nostalgia
This photo diary of an DIY audio enthusiast's bedroom from the 1970s through the ages. Probably a member here - he uses the sig rocketroberts on the site
EDIT: URL removed by moderators. Browsers report that it is infected.
My bedroom was never like this - teenagers dream :spin:

chris661 20th August 2009 09:14 PM

Wall of speakers - I had something similar, same situation as him - 50W amp, 250W of speakers. My speakers were a fair amount smaller though (8"s instead of 12"s)#


auplater 20th August 2009 09:45 PM

Viral loading
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Got a warning when I clicked on this site...

jkeny 20th August 2009 11:47 PM

oh, I just tried it again now that you posted it & I get a warning also - sorry about that guys, I swear it wasn't there when I originally posted it, I'm sure Chris66 would have also mentioned it.

brianco 21st August 2009 12:23 AM

Opens OK with Mac. No warning!

Looks like Dennis Trickett's shop in Bell Street in London back in the late 70s.

Anyone in the UK suffering from not being able to send emails (error 554 - with plastered all over the returned mail notification? That despite neither address being a Yahoo address!! I have been blocked for some time now - as have various friends from using the outgoing mail. Are Yahoo running a protection racket?

kipman725 21st August 2009 01:21 AM

opens fine for me in firefox. Thanks for linking that its very cool.

I got into electronics through the internet and wanting lights in my computer (I was young!). After that I had quite a big interest and did a GCSE course (about 15/16) in the uk which had a little bit of electronics in and introduced me to microcontrollers basic transistor stuff etc. After that I started an A level course in electronics where I became obsesed and I think within the first month I had designed headphone amplifiers and a desicrete regulator (which works very well still). My adventures on that course cumalated in a silly project where I built a digital audio recorder from opamps, logic, a slow micro and some old computer memory. The ADC consisted of a delta sigma modulator constructed from a couple of opamps and a flipflop and the pic controlled the recording and playback of this bitstream from memory. Suprisingly (even to me designing the thing) this all worked pretty much flawlessly and I recorded 30s of music to it.

I'm now just starting my second year in Electrical and Electronic enginering at imperial college London, have only recently become interested in speakers after many years in headphone land. Genraly the stuff I make sounds awfull because I like trying strange silly things, for example I am curently thinking of building a class D amp based around a PIC micro and an intigrator (more delta sigma modulation time) along with the usual bridged output stage. I see no reason why it shouldn't work in theory ^ ^

*other projects at the moment in audio include a triamped sound system with ethernet controlled volume controll (there are good reasons for the weird volume controll) and a SE OTL El84 headphone amp which I started with a basic schematic (not knowing anything about tubes when I started) and then modified for (hopefully) better performance, also did my usual obsesiveness with desinging a regulator for it (I like my reguators) and ended up with some crazy floating cascoded thing.

jkeny 21st August 2009 08:17 AM

OK, brianco & klipman,
When I click on the link I get this message "The website at appears to host malware software that can hurt your computer or otherwise operate without your consent. Just visiting a site that hosts malware can infect your computer."

I think this message comes from Google Chrome browser which I'm using - just be careful & check you're not infected - I would hate to be the carrier :eek:

brianco, did you ever get those SK170BL (or GR, I can never remember) we were going to halve - no problem if you didn't or don't? :)

SY 21st August 2009 09:09 AM

Got the same message. ZoneAlarm went nuts. I think that site tries to get tracking info. I blocked it and took a look. Very nostalgic, and frighteningly close to my reality- four Rectilinear III plus some auxiliary speakers, four strapped Dynaco ST-70, big ol' Empire table, and a couple of Hallicrafters receivers (along with a homebrew SSB transmitter). The ham stuff got replaced with an S-line a few years later, which was then sold off to pay for college, alas... One of my old friends still has the Rectilinears.

unclejed613 22nd August 2009 02:35 AM

from about the age of 8 on, my room looked like the basement storage room of a TV shop, TV's, radios, and assorted gadgets, including the chassis to a 1938 E.H. Scott Phantom Deluxe receiver (which i restored to working condition, and still have it in storage), guitar amplifiers, PA amps, milsurp radios....... don't really know what my parents did with most of it when i moved out..... i'm glad i kept the Scott. pretty high-tech for 1938, had a 3-way crossover with toroid chokes and the mid and tweeter had cloth surounds (kind of an "acoustic suspension"????), and the whole chassis and tube shields are all chrome plated. (which made it look real nice as just the chassis)

gain wire 3rd September 2009 09:25 PM

well, I for one can say that I will not let this happen to , unless it is my my own doing. I also had tons of stuff when I was younger, and my Dad somehow manged to convince me to throw it out, a little bit every time we moved (Military-transfers). Now that I have had a chance to accumulate some really good stuff (I can't post any pictures at the moment unfortunately) I am not letting it go. That meant paying myself a storage for my stuff (and app't furniture). the most audio equipment I've have in my room at one time was, I think, My Kenwood KR-4200, a Lafayette tube amp, two Rega speakers (the small ones), two Magnat speakers (ribbon 8) and two sound dynamics RS-1 speakers, Sherwood CD changer, Yamaha KX-250, and a nice old Sony TC-350 open-reel. Now I have so much that it won't fit practically in one space. I have tons of vintage components, transofrmers, oscilloscope plugins (tektronix 3A series I think) and countless other electronic items.

I know someday I will use most of this stuff. Because I am a scavenger. I am the rescuer of discarded technology. crazy.

Keep your stuff, or send it to me. the landfills will be happier!:rolleyes:

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