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gainphile 5th February 2009 05:06 AM

Greatest audio review you will read today !
Can anyone beat this? Really makes me DROLL :angel:


What had wowed me? A total absence of "electronica." An enormous addition of lushness, texture, harmonics, and warmth, especially in the massed strings. And, at the same time, a major extension in air, detail, and transparency, coupled with a sensation of phase coherence that I describe as "acoustic jell." Usually you can get improvements in warmth and textures or more extension, air, detail, and transparency. Here, simultaneously, were both: a gigantic floating apparition of detail, delicacy, air, and texture, and an even greater diminution of glaze, glare, etch, and artifact. Usually you can get rid of those with the tonal cover-up of a high-frequency rolloff. With the TARA Mystery Wire, the artifacts were gone, yet the top-end extension and openness were greatly increased.

CLS 5th February 2009 06:11 AM


And now let's gently touch ground: A 1m pair of Zero interconnects will set you back $14,900. I am sorry.

Here's the good news: A 2m pair of Zeros also costs $14,900. So does a 3m pair. The length required to go from my preamp to my amps costs a not-so-cool $17,000.

Why so expensive? Matthew Bond claims that each mil-spec RCA plug costs him $473.50. Times four equals $1894. That's his cost just for the plugs for a pair of Zero cables. With the average high-end audio retail markup being fivefold, you're talking close to $10,000 just for the plugs.
I'm wondering if this is a joke. :confused:

I lost count how many top quality speaker drivers can be bought by that kind of money.... Why cables? Or plugs? :apathic:

Oh, I see. They are selling 'feelings', that's basically priceless. :dead:

Geek 5th February 2009 06:35 AM

Fourteen thou.... WHAT? :dead:

Is Sterophile the "Fox News" of our profession nowadays? :confused:

gainphile 5th February 2009 07:16 AM

Come on guys, let's not get carried away and get too technical shall we :D ... I mean everyone know a $14k cable sounds better than $8k completely-assembled linkwitz orion or geddes summa, right? :scratch2:

Show us your latest and greatest review you've read! :cool:

scott wurcer 5th February 2009 06:20 PM

>>Matthew Bond claims that each mil-spec RCA plug costs him $473.50.<<

The military uses RCA plugs?

Quick check - mil spec 27GHz gold SMA connectors for rigid coax $27

So maybe :bs:

wakibaki 5th February 2009 06:46 PM


Originally posted by scott wurcer The military uses RCA plugs?


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