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JinMTVT 15th January 2009 04:00 AM

running 50hz appliances on 60hz AC
I want to purchase some of my kitchen appliances in europe and use them here in Canada.
We are on 120/240 60hz AC

what i am looking at is rated for 230V 50hz

the problem is we do have anything available here
all old type products, nothing innovative
and on top of that, they throw in 2-300% price tags
on the same model appliances

what i am mostly scared of is the Induction cooktop

looking also at a steam oven
and some electrical grills/ceramic cooktop

what do you think ?

zigzagflux 15th January 2009 04:31 AM

Shouldn't be an issue. Fundamentally, this comes down to the volt-second product, which is the area under the curve for the sine wave. So if you integrate 230V, 50Hz, you get a number, which is directly related to the magnetic field strength (might not be using exact terminology, here, it's late). Perform the same integration on 60Hz, and you are actually permitted to use at a slightly higher voltage. So, you can use a 50Hz appliance at 60Hz, but typically will want to increase the voltage a bit; 240 seems like a good number. The concern is one of magnetics. You can also use a 60Hz device at 50Hz, but then need to de-rate the voltage so you don't saturate the iron.

Keep in mind, though, that things like timers/clocks will no longer be calibrated in seconds. There could also, I suppose, be some electronically controlled devices that are calibrated based on frequency. Maybe a bare bones phase controlled heater that is calibrated in degrees. But that's a little esoteric.

Geek 15th January 2009 10:32 AM


Originally posted by zigzagflux
Keep in mind, though, that things like timers/clocks will no longer be calibrated in seconds.
Most likely, it'll be digital and the board inside will have a "50/60Hz" jumper.

If you have a rotisserie in it, it will likely turn faster, since they most often than not use synchro motors. It could be noisier because of that too.


JinMTVT 20th January 2009 01:16 PM

ok i see

thank you

do you guys believe that there could be any danger for dommaging the appliance?

most of the euro appliances are for 50hz nah ?
so why would an european only model have a jumper for frequency ? unless some countries i do not know of , use 60hz there

i usually get 117-120VAC on my outlet
so i should have 235-240VAC when i'll use both ends

do you think that the control boards use AC ?
i thought that most control boards were DC based,
in wich case 50-60hz wouldn't matter much no ?

neway i'll look forward to import most of my appliances,
there is just plain nothing available here :(

(i'll buy the fridge/freezer locally of course :p )

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