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Nanook 12th September 2008 12:38 AM

condolences to any and all that have suffered...
a loss due to the previous happenings 7 years ago today.

Whether firefighters, police, civilian workers, or servicemen (and women) deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan take a minute to remember them all.

We can disagree with the politics, please but support all whose daily job it is to do what they are told to do, who do it with pride, honour and valour.



lineup 12th September 2008 02:45 AM

Regards to the Swedish Police
Send also some thoughts to all our
Swedish Policemen in duty, please.

They put their lives at danger, some times even at gunpoint,
to keep our country Sweden a bit safer place.
For tourists from all over the world, west & east,
as well as for us normal swedish citizens

Lineup - not at all political, just one observer of reality .. as is

usa employed personel in all parts of the world are doing just great
only a few bad ones serving as prison guards at Cuba terrorist camp and in Iraque
But most of them good usa workers are very much liked by local people,
where ever the us army comes to help all those in need.
We do not want them to Go Home .. ever.
It is not like them russian troups, at all .. they can go home to Putin

c2cthomas 12th September 2008 03:10 AM

The men and women that are in service to keep our free countries "free" are in my thoughts and prayers every night. My father was "career" US Air Force and I spent six years in the USN so I know what serving your country is about (even if sometimes I would personally disagree with the politics involved). I also say a prayer for those that serve us as police officers, rescue workers, and in other non-military service that help to keep our society running and to recover from major disasters such as earthquakes and major storms (etc.).

A good friend of mine is a mountain climber and emergency responder and after 9/11 he had to go into buildings and search for survivors. His primary job was to use his climbing gear to get to places where there was no access by stairways (many had collapsed) or elevators (no electricity). 40 stories up - and hanging by a rope - yikes!!! :eek:

Nanook 12th September 2008 05:05 AM

I guess I thought more might respond...
it's easy to post this stuff when it's "fresh" in our memories, but the real test is when it is not.

I've never served in any armed force or service capacity, but I do respect those who have, regardless of the politics (hence the " respect those that serve" comment) involved.

I may not "approve" of your president, nor the foreign policy that he and his boss (er vice-president) have undertaken, but this is way beyond that.

Both Canadians and Americans (and others too) are killed in Afghanistan every month, trying to stop the resurgence of the Taliban in that country and in that region.

I'm no lover of the police , etc, but who do we call when things go bad? The fire department, the police department, etc. So even though they may not be my "faves" I certainly respect the thankless job that they do. And having John Q Public out there taking videos all of the time of police brutality etc, may not be the best way to honour them. I am sure those that abuse their position deserve what they get, but who can say what we might do in a similar situation with adrenaline rushing through our veins? (not an excuse for bad behaviour, but more of an explanation).

Regardless, honour the service folks, and effect changes in policy through the political process.

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