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boukisan 3rd March 2008 03:39 PM

Advice: Dog Silencer Modification for enchanced range & intensity
I work from home, and half of the time I'm on the computer. The neighbor's dogs sound like a fully stocked kennel of twenty dogs barking their heads off. They never stop all day, and the owners respond with nothing but excuses. Animal control does nothing but ask them to build a (useless) privacy fence. Apparantly, It's totally legal for me to install this unit, but I'd like it to have a better range, and if possible - the more intensity, the better - I'd really like to see those dogs get a dose of their own medicine.

I'm looking into buying and upgrading this product:

I want to increase the range and make it multi-directional to treat two adjacent neighbor's yards that are at right angles to each other. I can't find specs that show the frequency range of the ultrasonic drivers, but I am really interested in finding a similar driver and building a satellite speaker to increase covereage of the unit.

Where can I find ultrasonic drivers that may be comparable to the tpe used in this device?

MikeHunt79 5th March 2008 11:06 PM

Re: Advice: Dog Silencer Modification for enchanced range & intensity
Do you already have one of the units? I'd be tempted to reverse engineer it and make a more powerful version, DIY style...

EG: If it just emits a 40KHz sine tone,, get a few (piezo?) tweeters and use 'em in a massive line array with a sig gen + amp. :devilr:

john blackburn 5th March 2008 11:39 PM

I did a "mosquito" style of thing using a velleman amp kit and a PA style super tweeter. It was while reading up on this that I found this forum so thats a plus.

The easiest way to generate the tone for me was to grab a tone generator from the internet and burn a cd of the tone. You could use an MP3 player either I would guess as you are not looking for audiophile sound quality.

Be careful when testing it though, just because you cant hear the sound doesn't mean its not loud enough to damage your ears and definitely NO headphones!

MikeHunt79 5th March 2008 11:56 PM

What frequency did you use for you mosquito thing?

EDIT: From wikipedia:


Dogs can hear sound at higher frequencies than humans can. A dog whistle exploits this by emitting a high frequency sound to call to a dog. Many dog whistles emit sound in the upper audible range, but some, such as the silent whistle, emit ultrasound at a frequency in the range of 18 kHz to 22 kHz.

ak_47_boy 6th March 2008 01:37 AM

I have done this before. I just soldered an additional piezo that i got out of one of them singing birthday cards. Took 5 minutes, worked good.

I_Forgot 6th March 2008 05:03 AM

A little observation of dog behavior will tell you that the thing isn't likely to work- i.e. butts stink and I wouldn't stick my nose into one, but dogs do it all the time. You might think that a high pitched squeal would be annoying enough to make a dog stop barking but it is more likely to have the opposite effect.

A dog may hear your ultrasonic screamer but will not have intelligence enough to think that he should shut the F up when he hears it so he will continue to bark at it the same way he barks at people who are walking on the other side of the street.

Dogs are stoopid. Don't count on them to do anything that makes any sense.


rcavictim 6th March 2008 05:35 AM

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You need to build one of these! The Pentagon`s new heat raygun weapon.

gootee 6th March 2008 06:16 AM

The whole last part of the thread at the link below is about making a high-power amplifier to drive a piezo at 28 kHz (for ultrasonic welding, possibly). It's a complete project, with final PCB layout etc. (Maybe if you email krazatchu, he might give you some pointers about piezos that might work.)

If that doesn't work, ask some agency other than animal control. Maybe they're breaking some law that doesn't interest animal control.

If any piezo device works at all, maybe then try using a 'bark sensor', and zapping them (with overkill) only when they bark. It might train them not to bark, ever.

If you do eventually use a high-powered amplifier, and it stops them from barking, lower the output power until they stop whining. :-)

boukisan 6th March 2008 12:58 PM

Re: Re: Advice: Dog Silencer Modification for enchanced range & intensity

Originally posted by MikeHunt79
Do you already have one of the units? I'd be tempted to reverse engineer it and make a more powerful version, DIY style...

That's exactly what I want to do - it's why I started this post. I really want to add onto the unit, because it already has the microphone to sense when they are barking - I just want to add range and intensity. More tweeters/watts.

john blackburn 6th March 2008 01:34 PM


The Mosquito emits 16Khz at 16db seemingly, mine emits much more than that! I used to create the file.

I cant hear it, but a friends 16 year old daughter who was used for blind testing couldn't enter the room it was in. It was only operating on tick over as well.

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