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TerryO 28th May 2007 04:50 PM

The Central Sound DIY Audio Meet

I'm certain that many of you have been wondering if there would be any DIY activity in the Puget Sound area this year. Well, fear not, we have a cure for your Audio Anxiety. Though the combined efforts of Lew Hardy, Doc Bottlehead and the Pacific Northwest Audio Society, I'm pleased to announce that "The Central Sound DIY Audio Meet" has been scheduled for Saturday, August 25th at the Vashon Island Eagles' Aerie. Start time is 10 am and will go to about 6 pm. We'll have the BBQ going and will have food, although if you wish to bring any potluck dishes it probably wouldn't be taken amiss. The bar will be open, but you have to buy your own drinks :^)

This is meant to be an informal meet; however, there is a dress code that will be rigidly enforced, IOW, clothes are NOT an option, you must wear clothes! "Northwest Formal" is recommended; that is, jeans, T-shirts and shoes (if you have any).

Seriously though, this is going to be more of a show and tell meet, where you can exhibit and demonstrate your projects in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. We hope to have a couple of basic systems there, just in case. All of you that have built Preamps, Amps, Turntables, Dacs or Speakers will have the opportunity to show them off. These gatherings are also a chance to see what others are doing as well as talk to some of the most involved and informed Audio types.

There are bound to be updates, changes and additional information, so stay tuned. I hope to use the various forums for this, however if you need to contact me, my email address is CornyGuy---at---AOL dot Com.

Hope to see you in August.

Best Regards,
Terry Olson

TerryO 24th July 2007 02:10 AM

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder that the meet is scheduled for Saturday, the 25th of August.

It would be nice to get an idea how many are planning on coming and what you may be bringing.

I was thinking of showing up with my Hydro Klammodyne (Red Tide Edition) speakers, but have decided against it, as it wouldn't be fair to the other speaker builders :^)

Instead, I hope to have the latest bi-amped version of the FA-1 SoundSabre, but I don't have it to the point where I'm completely happy with it. I will bring a more (or less) conventional 2-way, as well as the "Bondo Beauties" (compact monitors with a series crossover designed by Dave Rosgaard (The 200% Norwegian)).

Best Regards,
Terry Olson

Timn8ter 11th August 2007 03:23 PM

Only two weeks away. :cannotbe:

TerryO 11th August 2007 07:02 PM

Tim's right, only 2 weeks to go. Several people have emailed me privately indicating that they're coming with some projects. I've extracted a blurb from the Pacific Northwest Audio Society newsletter that covers the main points about the ferry schedule, etc. So without further A-due here tis...........

August 25th we are cosponsoring
with the Bottleheads a
local DIY meet on Vashon Island. If
you consider yourself a serious designer/
builder, if you have never
built a kit in your life or your like me
and fall somewhere in the middle;
you should come out and spend a
few hours with your friends in audio.
If you have never been to a Do It
Yourself meet I strongly encourage
you to go. For those that have been
to DIY audio events in the past your
biggest question is when do I catch
the Ferry. This is an informal event;
people will be bringing equipment in
and out till 6PM when we all clean
up and head back to the ferry. Speakers,
amps, DACs and anything else
you can imagine may show up at
these events. I am amazed at the performance
of some of the equipment
that shows up, it is a long way from
what I was building in High School.
We will have multiple systems to
demonstrate several products at
once. Expect to see and hear some
one off designs along with several
kits. This is a chance to see and hear
some affordable and very high performance
Just show up and see all the cool
stuff, reservations are not required. If
you have something you want to sell
like records, equipment racks or
components bring them along as
well. We are having a Potluck and
will fire up the grill about 1PM; water,
hotdogs, plates and eating utensils
will be provided. The Bar will
also be open. Feel free to bring anything
you would like to throw on the
grill, eat or share with your audio
I am told this is about ¼ mile
south of town. Here are some Ferry
From the West Seattle
Fauntleroy(by Lincoln Park)-Vashon
7:35AM, 8:35, 8:55, 9:15,
10:10, 11:45, 12:20, 12:50
Ferries leave Vashon for
Fauntleroy in the afternoon;
3:50PM, 4:10, 4:45, 5:10, 5:35,
5:50, 6:10, 6:30 & 7:10
Vehicle & driver round trip is
$18.50, additional passenger $4.30,
save $$ carpool.

The meet is:
August 25, 2007
Vashon Island Eagles
18134 Vashon Hwy SW.
Vashon, WA. 98070

Best Regards,

TerryO 17th August 2007 06:19 AM

A Favor
I'd like to ask that anyone that feels that they may come to the meet, at the Vashon Island Eagles Hall on Saturday the 25th, to let me know.

Our sponsors, The Bottlehead Group, The Pacific Northwest Audio Society and Lew Hardy (Vivaldi Audio) would like to have an approximate number in order to insure that there is sufficient food (Free BBQ, but you can certainly bring something to burn if you wish :^). If you're bringing gear to display or play we need to have an idea in order to have enough tables, and so on...
BTW: The bar will be open, but you'll have to buy your own drinks.

You can post to this forum or contact me at: CornyGuy at aol dot com.

Thanks and Best Regards,

BudP 17th August 2007 06:32 AM


Looks as though I will finally get to meet you. I will be there.


TerryO 17th August 2007 04:17 PM

Hi Bud,
I'm looking forward to meeting you as well. It's like working for the Telegraph Company and finally getting to meet the person behind all the dots and dashes:D

See ya there!
Best Regards,

seventenths 18th August 2007 06:52 PM

I plan on attending with my son. As far as equipment goes, my system consist of a S.E.X amp with a pair of (er-ummm proto-type) fe166e BiBs. I can carry my speakers without TOO much trouble if other (more refined) examples aren't available.
BTW: I noticed you're into wooden boats... what flavor?


TerryO 18th August 2007 07:59 PM


Originally posted by seventenths
I plan on attending with my son. As far as equipment goes, my system consist of a S.E.X amp with a pair of (er-ummm proto-type) fe166e BiBs. I can carry my speakers without TOO much trouble if other (more refined) examples aren't available.
BTW: I noticed you're into wooden boats... what flavor?


Thanks for the reply, it helps with the preparations for the event. I'm looking forward to seeing (and hearing your gear). BIB's with 166's? That's a special treat, as the only BIB's I've ever heard were Terry Cain's original pair with Radio Shack 1354s at VSAC some years back.

I've built a number of them over the years, mostly small skiffs for the lake I live on. I helped Simon Watts build a a small 10.5 foot Novi lapstrake rowboat that was featured in Wooden Boat magazine some years ago, but mostly I seem to stick with simple plywood designs like the Bolger/Payson type, as they meet my budget requirements. I like Cap't Pete Culler's skiffs as well. I was also involved in helping one of my High School friends build a 45 foot Alden Malibar design years ago. A male plug was built with mahogany, then a fiberglass female mold was built from that and a total of 6 hulls were produced. The sale of the mold and two of the hulls paid for all the materials used. The boat turned out pretty nice as my friend and his two brother had actually previously circumnavigated the world in a 35 footer they had designed and built (the oldest brother was a Navel Architect), so he knew what was wanted.

Jeez, I wish you hadn't mentioned this, as now I'll be dreaming of boats for the next day or two. :D

I grew up on an Island and naturally a "lot" of the kids were passionate "Water Rats." A disproportionate share of my classmates ended up in the Marine trades, etc., as sailmakers, boatbuilders, marine architects, Hydroplane racing, Merchant marine, commercial fishing, Naval Officers, you name it.

Best Regards,

pinkmouse 18th August 2007 08:04 PM


Originally posted by TerryO
...the oldest brother was a Navel Architect...
Hmm, a new field of plastic surgery?

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