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andrew2007 24th April 2007 03:59 PM

unwanted spying and listning in my home
how do i find unwanted radio transmitters and listning devices in my home.please help because i think who has put them there is my then neighbour who is an electrition and who is also very familiar with my ex girlfriend.i have heard certain things comin from the tv and i have heard my ex answer an act on some of the things been said which makes me think there could be a listening device,i have moved house but it is still in view of the electricians.i dont have any clue of what to do or what to look for plus how to prove who it is.please someone help

burbeck 24th April 2007 04:55 PM

hi andrew,
it is a difficult subject this, there are specialist companies that make these 'bugging devices'. the same companies also make the bug detectors. maby this is where to start looking,
here is a link to one

hope you resolve the problem very soon

theAnonymous1 24th April 2007 07:36 PM

Re: chill dude

Yes, at least then if he really is listening he will have something other than your paranoid mumbles to listen too. ;)

EDIT: OK, sorry Cal.:goodbad:

In the spirit of DIY, here is a kit that can help you out; or at least keep you busy.

Sonusthree 24th April 2007 08:58 PM

Someone would REALLY have to want to bug you
Bugging someone is not necessarilly as straight forward as you may believe. The proper stuff with any decent transmitting range is quite expensive.
Wireless cameras would be quite expensive and be limited in range. They would also need a mains power source to transmit for any decent length of time/distance and that's just not really practical.

Most surveillance solutions are for security like the ones sold at Maplins. Have a look at them and see just how big they are. Yeah, you can buy them really small but at a price and with other limitations.

What are you hearing form your TV or radio? The airwaves are now full of strange signals and interference. There are many weak signals from far away that can clash with our regular programming. This often changes with weather conditions. I can pick up French TV sometimes and often I see french 'words' like shadows behind my favourite shows. The cilit bang advert is identical in france except it becomes 'Ceelit Bong'!!!

We often joke because we think that our neighbours are aliens with special powers. Partly because they are wrinkly, partly because they generate very little rubbish and mostly because whenever (sometimes) we mention something in private they later act on it. We once discussed that they should park their car at the far end of our shared driveway. They have never ever done that since I have lived here yet they did the very next day. Coincidence is amazing!! and entertaining and spooky!!!

You sound as if you are really worried about this bugging. I am not saying that you are wrong because I am not there but when we are stressed or anxious about something we tend to 'scan' for the things that worry us. I know because I do it! In the most extreme cases this can even lead to an anxiety state where our thoughts are so clouded by the stress of the situation that we cannot think straight at all.

Let's just take a step back a little and try to get to the bottom of this.

Best regards,
Martin. :)

DigitalJunkie 24th April 2007 09:43 PM

Get a handheld frequency counter,and start "sniffing" around your house. If it 'locks on' to a certain frequency,write it down,and find a scanner that will cover that frequency..give a listen.
If you hear yourself,or hear 'feedback squeal" in the scanner,you can start worrying.
Or skip the freq. counter,and go get a handheld scanner..

MadMutt 24th April 2007 10:43 PM

Well the obvious answer would be call the local authorities.
If the house etc is 'bugged' maybe go to a pay phone or go into the local 'cop shop'.
I would like to think that 'bugging' over there is treated the same way as it is over here.
"Invasion of privacy" is just the first law broken.
I think it's a federal law so that makes it even more serious.
For the person that placed the 'bug' that is.

If they've used cheap 'bugs', just grab an fm radio, turn it's volume up a little, then slowly tune across the band.
if you suddenly hear feedback (squeeling) or a complete lack of noise, there MAY be a 'bug' nearby thats tuned to that frequency.

Geek 25th April 2007 11:05 AM


Unless you have pets in your house, a way to temporarily disable a typical room listening bug is with high intensity ultrasonics. Like the old "mosquito shoo" machines that never really worked. Some could crank out 110dB+ of 25-40KHz energy. Would certainly overload a condenser mic so speech would be jibberish on the RX end.

(ps - don't leave it running inside a room too long, as they can damage nerves)


richie00boy 25th April 2007 11:10 AM

Trying a handheld FM radio and carefully scanning is your best bet. Anything they are likely to have used will be transmitting on the normal FM band.

Just put some music on in the room you think is bugged, then go to a different room and see if you can pick up the music transmitting on the radio.

Think about how these bugs could be powered. A battery will last only a few days max. So they would have needed to pick up a mains feed soewhere. That makes it hard to install and locate.

Coincidence and worry and stress can do funny things to your mind. I think you will be ok.

phase_accurate 26th April 2007 08:17 AM

<edited by moderator>

It would be interesting to know what "things" the thread-starter heard on radio or TV.

One method to find bugs working in the FM radio range is in fact to tune a radio through with the volume turned up. This would lead to feedback howl on the frequency used by the bug which should go away if the volume is turned down.

If the eavesdropper is living close by he might also use some kind of directional microphone.



Cal Weldon 26th April 2007 07:11 PM

I have removed the posts that did not attempt to answer the question and those containing sarcastic content.

Charles, I removed the first two lines of yours as they pointed to some of the offending posts.


To all: Do not post here in an effort to display your humour. You are not funny. This person is deserving of credible answers. All others will be removed and the offending parties dealt with.

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