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mikeks 17th April 2007 11:24 PM



destroyer X 18th April 2007 12:26 AM

Ahahahaha..... very good this one.
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Good to think about.... some folks can have self criticism and perceive they are included in that group mentioned..others will blame the next his Rodhium plug really sounded better.

I hope all forum folks come to read this...there are a lot of friends that can match some characteristics, or behavior, explained in that text..some can be included in some topics there... and others will have a chance to repair themselves, producing some shake into internal head... and i hope no brown fluid leakage will happens to some of them...i hope few.

It is extremelly interesting...those things are the same as religion.people believe and do not make questions about..or answer themselves as "mistery"....there are a lot of people that belief in those special materials...special plugs, cables and big magic.

There are many groups in my place..they have the big magic to extract money from people pockets to save the mankind...maybe to pay the one will save mankind.... and intelligent people goes doing is extremelly interesting how people make self hipnosis... and how some guys can disconnect the brain this way.

The last i heard was that the amplifier must be ruge... strong and non electrons can be disturbed....well.....well... well.



rdf 18th April 2007 12:38 AM

Healthy criticism is one thing. That article is one smug, contentless, empty troll packed with factual inaccuracies. Must be spring already. Try harder guys.

bikehorn 18th April 2007 12:40 AM

I never read audio magazines, because I've never come across one that hasn't been staffed by audiophools. Every time i pick one up at the bookstore, I read about how a product is "great for the audiophile on a budget" or something, except it will still cost $1300. some budget product eh? then you get the rest of your "budget" components at similar prices, so when you're done, it's no longer particularly affordable. Of course the manufacturer will also sell an "upgraded" version with Cardas or WBT RCA sockets, or Bybee Quantum Cashsuckers or something stupid like that and charge another $400, which the magazine will say "understandably sounds better". Or worse, they start talking about power cords...:rolleyes:

DCPreamp 18th April 2007 02:35 AM

I think the word “audiophool” should be added to Wikipedia.

Audiophool: Someone who believes in, and vehemently defends, totally unprovable and ridiculous techno-babble all while paying exorbitant prices for nothing more than moderate exclusivity.

Funny article with some good comparisons of the equally idiotic, and also sadly supported, concept of homeopathy. I’ll have to watch for this on James Randi’s website or perhaps even point it out to him and his crew. Fortunately audiophools only hurt their wallets and their integrity where homeopaths may kill themselves or loved ones forgoing knowledge and fact.

The funniest thing is/will be the responses to this from other diyAudio members. Generally, it’s instantly obvious who follows the audiophool way-of-thinking and who is rooted a little more in reality.

mikeks 18th April 2007 03:20 AM


Originally posted by rdf
Healthy criticism is one thing. That article is one smug, contentless, empty troll packed with factual inaccuracies. Must be spring already. Try harder guys.

The "standard" vacuous response of a die-hard subjectivist. :D

andy_c 18th April 2007 03:25 AM

Here's an article in a similar vein that I found very entertaining. It's from one of the back issues of The Audio Critic that are now available online. Peter Aczel is rather extreme, but I do agree with many, though not all, of his views. The thing about him is that his extreme objectivist views make for some pretty amusing counterpoint to the mainstream audio press - particularly the online publications that can get pretty wacky. Anyway, the article is in this file, and is called, "The 91st Audio Engineering Society Convention; or, The Invasion of the Credibility Snatchers" on page 36.

Wavebourn 18th April 2007 03:29 AM

Re: "audiophools"

Originally posted by mikeks


Did you consult that guy? :D

I especially like the statement about abandoned by audiofools shielded by a foil cable with XLR sockets in favor of unshielded pair with phone plugs. :clown:

Enough of technical terms to impress housewives and save their husband's money they tend to spend on audiofoolery. But I am afraid that a single nicely erected hot EL34 is much stronger argument than hundred of such profane articles.

jeff mai 18th April 2007 03:36 AM


Originally posted by mikeks
The "standard" vacuous response of a die-hard subjectivist. :D
Everyone is a die-hard subjectivist.

mikeks 18th April 2007 03:37 AM


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