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bulgin 6th December 2006 12:27 AM

A Question about using resincore solder
Hi All
Been a bit chesty for a while but I'm still lurking.

I solder very fine copper wires every day, using resincore solder with silver added and bought from RS.

These wires are so very thin that I have to use a 10x loupe clipped to my glasses and recently, I bought a visor-type magnifier with 5 sets of different lenses and a built-in light.

Although the focal distance is longer with the new device (the strongest lenses here are only 3.5X), I'm still uncomfortably close to the lead and resin fumes.

I know ingesting lead makes you 'thick' between the ears (born that way so nix can deteriorate further!), but does anyone know if the resin fumes have health hazards as I'm probably breathing the stuff every day.

Whadda way to go...

Cheers All


v-bro 6th December 2006 01:24 AM

Hi Bulgin,
there have been health questions about this before, there have also been parties demanding manufacturers to quit the usage of lead in consumer equipment.

I think against direct fumes it can help to blow the fumes away (from about behind you) with a fan. Keeping a window open...or sucking the air off at the other end...

I've been looking around for good magnification, any good hints anyone?

Apex Jr 6th December 2006 02:19 AM

Here in the states were being hit with being RoHs complyant
with all new manufactured items going into the EU.
Hopefully this will not carry over in the USA.
It has hurt my business and have lost a few accounts since
I can't certify my parts as RoHs.
I've also heard the NEW lead free solder is very hard to
work with so I have a few manufacturers insisting on using
the rosin core either 60/40 or 63/37 QQS 571 mil rosin
core as the best to use for electronic use.

Steve @ Apex Jr.

bulgin 7th December 2006 12:15 AM

A Question about
Thanks a lot guys!

@ V-bro: I've been using a couple of 10X loupes (one at a time) clipped to my specs' right lens, which works fine, except the focal disctance seems less than 50mm.

The gadget I bought recently is called "Light Head" and made in Taiwan I think. There's nothing on the box to say who makes it but I bought it from an optician. It has a dinky little magnifier swiveling lamp on top, powered by 2 AAA cells.

Maybe if you google "Light Head" Magnifying glass ?

There are 5 sets of twin lenses included which clips to the device.



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