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Hardi 26th September 2004 05:36 PM

RE instruments audio Analyzer??

a local dealer offered me a RE XXX audio analyzer.
It has an own screen ans can be used as a stand alone unit.
I took a short view into the manual: up to 75 KHz bandwith ans 100 dB dynamic range! supports IM, TIM ans THD measurements.

Does anyone know this analyzer, and the model number ? is it a good deal for 400 $ (350 €) ??

I also took a short view on the analyzer, but it was very dark...i remember a black front panel and "banana plugs" ??


jan.didden 26th September 2004 06:26 PM

Google, 22 seconds:

Jan Didden

Hardi 26th September 2004 07:12 PM

Thanks Jan, but the RE204 is not a stand-alone analyzer.
It uses GPIB interface for communication with a personal computer.

The RE XXX that i mean is a unit with screen and keypad.

maybe RE 256 ??? I found nothing when using google.


1audio 27th September 2004 06:07 PM

I would be interested in knowing more as well. The RE204 comes up on eBay (one for $50 right now) but without software its useless. And I can get no info on specs or a source for software.

I have an older BKF10 that was good in its day and a very sophisticated all analog design. I would like to know where the company went. I know that it was part of Radiometer and got split off. The CLT was sold? to Danbridge however the Audio and Radio instruments seemed to vanish.

Is it possible you were looking at an NTI or Neutrik instrument? Or at the other extreme- who make real good stuff. If its one of the newer ones I would jump on it for the price.

Hardi 27th September 2004 06:36 PM


i called my dealer to get information about the model number, and he told me that it is a RE 201.

It has a black front panel and looks totally different to the RE 204.
It has an own crt and i assume that it comes with itīs own software via internal roms.
I remember a keypad with large buttons for TIM ,IM ,THD and so on.
It was much larger than the 19" RE204.

Is RE-instruments still in business ?? I donīt think so.
Is the software for the RE 204 still under copyright ?

Any further information about the RE 201 ???

Hardi 27th September 2004 06:44 PM


here is a link to a pdf datasheet for the RE 204

1audio 28th September 2004 04:56 AM

Since I am something of a collector of this stuff I would probably buy the RE201 if its working. I have resisted the RE204's because I can't get the software (and I really don't need one). Stand alone instruments are just easer to use and more versatle and direct.

RE seems to have sunk without a trace anywhere. Let us know if you get it. And some pictures and manual info would be nice as well.


Hardi 1st October 2004 04:01 PM


i took the RE201 today and i think itīs a great mashine.
It has an extra option "Filter board" 901-525 installed.

The analyzers Bandwith is 20 Hz to 75KHz, ans the typical THD sensitivity is -105 ! dB (0.00056 %)

The internal 2 ch Generators THD is depending on the Frequency.
1 KHz results -90 dB....not exellent, but also not bad. Enough for me.

I think it will take some time to handle the unit, but i have the complete users manual and also some schematics.

some pictures:

Generator specs:

Analyzer specs:


1audio 1st October 2004 04:51 PM

The performance is remarkable! Well worth the price. Where do I find one?
It looks easy to use as well.

kvintus 21st October 2004 09:44 PM

Are you happy with you RE 201. I found one for sale, quite cheep and I get to try it a week or two before I make up my mind. Anything special that I should look for or that I should know of before I buy it?


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