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Rullknufs 17th January 2013 06:32 PM

Output cable for digital RadioShack SPL meter
This might seem like a noobish question, but what cable should I use to connect the digital RS SPL meter to my computer's soundcard?

Speedskater 18th January 2013 12:02 AM

The output signal is mono analog. The older meters used an RCA phono connector, don't know what the new meters have.

Rullknufs 18th January 2013 06:13 AM

That's how it looks like

Speedskater 19th January 2013 12:54 AM

The case looks just like my analog meter. The connector is a common standard RCA female phono jack.

Rullknufs 19th January 2013 09:39 AM

So a cable like this one would work if I want to connect it to my computer?

johnfalc 9th February 2013 08:12 PM


Originally Posted by Rullknufs (
So a cable like this one would work if I want to connect it to my computer?


TheGimp 14th September 2013 05:13 PM

I have one of the RS SPL meters, but am looking for a meter that will go lower. I would like to go down at least to 40dB SPL, and preferably 30dB SPL.

I am interested in mapping ambient noise levels and teh RS meter simply shows "LOW" when I try to take readings.

Has anyone tried this meter? If so please evaluate it.

Does anyoen have any suggestions?


dangus 14th September 2013 11:49 PM

B&K's 2240 SPL meter measures down to 30 dB.
Type 2240 - Sound Level Meter - Type 2240 - Brel & Kjr
I believe the much cheaper 2219 goes down to 35 dB.

It should be possible to obtain a sufficiently quiet microphone or capsule alone, and DIY the electronics.

mickeymoose 16th September 2013 02:34 PM

Gimp: You would trust a $40 RS meter to be accurate? I checked mine against a B&K and only the median settings are OK. The upper ranges suffer from compressions in the mike, the lower ranges suffer from noise in the preamp. E

TheGimp 16th September 2013 05:33 PM

Thanks mickkymoose, How far off are the ends?

I've found an article on modifying the earlier analog version, but nothing on the digital version.

I'm primarily satisfying my curiosity with the SPL meter.

I'd like to know what the background noise level is in my den where the entertainment system is. How loud do I actually play the stereo, etc.

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