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ashok 31st August 2012 12:10 PM

Direct competitor for Clio V10 ?
Is there any direct competition for Clio V10 with similar capabilities ?
Software and PC controlled external ADC/DAC with capability of up to about 100V rms ac at the input?

1audio 2nd September 2012 04:10 AM

Praxis Liberty Instruments, Inc. Home Page A lot of pros look down on it because of its humble roots but the only real competitor in sophistication is Listen (who tried to buy it at one time). I find Clio very limiting and clumsy. others find Praxis daunting with all of its options. You can easily make probes that will handle 1 KV if you need. I use it for almost everything from Jitter measurements, to THD of ultra low distortion oscillators to frequency response and waterfalls of Bluetooth headphones.

ashok 2nd September 2012 04:05 PM

Thanks. I have the older offering from Liberty Instruments. Laud. Hardly got to use it as I got the Clio v4.52 soon after.
I want to change to something that worked external to the PC or laptop so that it wouldn't be tied to the platform like the old Clio card (EISA).

But I'm seriously considering the use of ARTA ( I have the registered version) with a USB sound card like the E-MU 0204. I will use my Transit till I decide what to do. This will also mean that I need to build an external adapter to buffer the signal or risk damaging the sound card if it's overloaded. Pete M has one design that looks good. I damaged my Juli@ card because it was not protected !

1audio 2nd September 2012 04:21 PM

Praxis is well suited to use with almost any external audio interface. However it doesn't work well with Win 7 32 and not at all with Win 7 64. With XP its really good.

I need to get up to speed with Arta and the other current equivalents. They are not as capable perhaps but could be a convenient and cheaper alternative.

Joe Rasmussen 10th December 2012 09:42 AM

I have the Clio 10 with ClioFW - and it uses Firewire port.

I just bought this beaut 13" highly portable notebook, and no Firewire port.

I need a USB2.0 (or USB3.0) to Firewire Adaptor, to give me a fully functioning Firewire port.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Cheers, Joe R.

ashok 10th December 2012 10:00 AM

Hi Joe,
They seem to have cables on Ebay. USB to Firewire . However I saw some comments on the Net saying that you can't just use a 'cable' like this.
Maybe signal levels need to be doctored etc.?
I'm checking too as my laptop doesn't have a Firewire and I was looking at the Clio10-FW also !;)
Note that you need a Firewire 1394a ( 400 Mhz ) connection . 1394b ( 800Mhz) uses a different socket !

Joe Rasmussen 10th December 2012 10:12 AM


Originally Posted by ashok (
Hi Joe,
They seem to have cables on Ebay. USB to Firewire . However I saw some comments on the Net saying that you can't just use a 'cable' like this.
... and I was looking at the Clio10-FW also !;)

That's why I said "fully functioning" adaptor. It seems that these adaptors are mainly for video cameras with Firewire outputs and people need to get their video files of their cameras. But that makes me think that they don't give you that "fully functioning" Firewire port that Clio-FW needs - there is two-way communication required and not just a one-way files download.

Surely Audiomatica/Clio knows that Firewire is on the way out. If you are looking at buying and now having second thoughts, that augurs no good for their business.

Anyway, I have sent them an email:

Re Clio FW Serial Number 2147100740

I have bought a 13" laptop computer that is very compact and great for
portability. I just love it, but...

The problem I have is that it does not have a Firewire port and there is
only USB2.0 and USB3.0 ports.

I have seen that there are USB to Firewire adaptors available, but I thought
I should ask you first and whether you have any suggestions.

Firewire ports are on the way out, with faster USB now available, IEEE-1394
is being abandoned.

Hope you can help me. I suspect I am not the only one looking for such a

Joe Rasmussen

Custom Analogue Audio / Duntech & Orpheus Loudspeakers

I'll let you know what they say.

Cheers, Joe R.

ashok 10th December 2012 10:31 AM

Hi Joe,
That's exactly the problem. I'm also worried about getting stuck with a defunct system like my old EISA Clio4.0 card. I still have an old computer working with that and a standby computer also. But that second one might not work if required due to long disuse ! Almost nothing on it is available easily as a spare. If they are , the prices are sky high !

They could leave the FW port as it is, if they had a simple solution to connect it to a USB2/3 port.

ashok 10th December 2012 10:41 AM

Check out these links.
The connection is not just cables but some software needs to be added also !

How to Convert FireWire Connections to USB |

FireWire versus USB 3.0 |

How to Use FireWire to a USB |

Joe Rasmussen 11th December 2012 12:27 AM

No word from Clio yet...

Wouldn't it be nice of something like this did the trick:

TRIXES Firewire 1394 6 Pin Female to USB Male Adaptor PC Laptop Accessories | eBay

That means the current cable I have just plugs into the Clio (where it already is) and the other part is compatible with the adaptor into which it is plugged, and the adaptor is in turn plugged into a USB 2.0 (or 3.0 available too) port.

I wonder...?

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