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tvrgeek 25th April 2012 11:03 PM

e-mu 1616 crashing
When playing back a CD through the e-mu 1616m, it will crash the OS after about 3 minutes. It did not used to. Very occasionally when running TrueRTA with the e-mu console. Now only playing back with the console up. When doing speaker measurements with the source TrueRTA and doing line or mic in ( one channel) it would crash every few hours.

It should not be the CPU or memory as I can chew on LTSpice simulations for a half an hour with no problem. I have a ticket in with Creative, but was wondering if anyone has been through this before. Being a PC I have no way to watch to see if I have a memory leak, but if anyone knows how, let me know. ( XP-pro 32)

tvrgeek 27th April 2012 08:53 PM

playing the two day per e-mail cycle.

JensH 28th April 2012 12:13 PM

I had the same problem with an e-mu 1616m, also on XP-Pro. I have an Asus P6T Deluxe MB and an i7-920. After a few days I gave up and returned the sound card. It was a nice sound card, but just didn't want to bother with unstable drivers.
So I am afraid I cannot really help you with this.

tvrgeek 30th April 2012 12:43 AM

Much thanks on the feedback. I ran an off-line memory test and even tried a second card. Same problem. Watching the perf monitor, it never used more than half a gig memory, so it is not as simple as a memory leak. Hard to believe Creative can't do a sound card driver. This was not a cheap unit. I'll see what they say. I may stick it in my wife's PC, a Win 7 to see if it is more stable.

tvrgeek 2nd May 2012 09:27 PM

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Many, many e-mails with Creative. I had to clean up the previous install of my Audigy card that failed as they thought that was it. The uninstall left drivers and files all over the place I had to hunt down. Went through the registry and deleted every tree with the word Creative in it. Reinstalled the e-mu. It did take the number of threads at idle from almost 700 to about 550. Really sloppy software. Disabled the on-board RealTek audio in the Bios. No help. From the attached picture, I am guessing they have a memory management problem where their driver is stepping out of bounds over time. (on-board video) Still dead in the water.

These problems are very complex, so I am not terribly upset..... yet. I am afraid their only advice is to try another PC or rebuild from scratch. Neither are an option.

The msinfo32 diag showed a pile of Creative drivers loaded in the kernel even when they were no longer on disk /windows/system32/drivers. I don't know if they are cached elsewhere, were integrated into the kernel and stay there, or if msinfo32 is just bogus.

tvrgeek 3rd May 2012 09:40 PM

Latest suggestion was to set maxmem in boot.ini. No help.

tvrgeek 10th May 2012 07:31 PM

Several go rounds, including sending THEM a link to another person with the same problem in reference to a beta driver produced by Creative of Australia, they decided maybe they might talk to the actual software people.

This process did find a few less that perfect settings, a few old drivers, but has not fixed anything yet. Creative may make nice hardware, but they have a thing or two to learn about technical service. Manual removal of drivers, edit the registry, use of some tweaking tools, driver audit tools, and diags. I have probably well over 40 hours in this myself. I can't imagine what kinds of problems someone who is not a computer scientist to start with would have. What I wish I could change is the IRQ as it does share it with the video, but that requires total system reload from scratch. Thank you Microsoft. Anyone know of any utility that could let me reassign plug and play interrupts? Won't fix it though, the problem is a bad driver.

So, I am playing back through my DCX and only using the e-my for a mic preamp. Not what I paid for.

tvrgeek 2nd June 2012 04:51 PM

Well, 3 weeks and e-mu is silent. I bought a PCI video card and proved it is still bad e-mu drivers. The difference is now when it hangs, the video just freezes. So, bought an m-audio firewire 610. Creative can stuff it. Their tech support can, or won't go past a few FAQ tips. That's what you get for $600. Add to my list if companies I won't ever do business with again because of their customer service. GE was the first, BMW second.

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