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Zero Cool 6th October 2011 02:25 AM

Tek 2465/a/b VS. TDS380??
It's time I upgraded my scope to something with more bandwidth. My Trusty Sencore SC-61 still is am awesome performer but i need something with 300++mhz bandwidth.

The Tektronics 2465 variety seems to be the natural choice with the 2465@300mhz, the A-version@350mhz and the B@400mhz plus 4 channels.

But I am also looking at a 2 channel TDS380 400mhz scope for about the same $$

The 380 is a bit newer and can have a VGA port added as an option, as well as RS-232 and GPIB. The VGA port i think is the most interesting option. Hang a nice used 42" LCD on the back wall behind the bench and instant giant screen!

The 2465 is older, but there are a lot of them out there so parts are plentiful. and it has some nice features. the 4 channels might be nice for looking at input vs output in stereo!

I'm curious if anyone has used these and what your thoughts are??


simmconn 15th October 2011 07:21 AM

I have similar scopes in both families, a 2467BHD and a TDS360. I use the TDS360 as my main scope for its convenience and the 2467BHD as a backup. IMHO neither is ideal for audio work. I'd rather have something quieter (both electrically and acoustically) and more sensitive, like a 7A22 in a 7603 mainframe.
TDS3xx VGA output is mono. And you may not want to hang the scope display on the wall. There are ergonomic reasons that the control buttons and knobs are located right next to the screen.

24x5 series use custom IC that is unobtainium, you would need a parts mule if they fail.

Zero Cool 15th October 2011 11:33 AM

Hmm that's interesting!

I have a HP 1200A for low level work. they go down to 500uV but only 500khz bandwidth and they have balanced inputs! great scope for audio work! but very old now! I have about a half dozen parts mules torn down should i ever need to fix it LOL! we use the same scope at work for audio work.

I have seen that custom IC in the 24X5 series on eBay. that is a major detractor. and I have used a couple of the TDS series scopes and the lag bothers me! there is just something about those digital scopes i can't stand!

Now that i am working with more digital stuff i just need a good everyday scope that will go up to at least 300-400mhz!

The 7000 series stuff is just too damn big! I don't want a scope the size of a SUV parked on my bench!

theoldtrout 19th October 2011 09:32 PM

The later 2465 series also suffer from a couple of SMD tant caps that leak and rot the A5 display board - easy fix if caught early. Noisy fans are usually due to worn bearings, crud built up on the fan blades or the shaft spigot broken/loose. I've taken out the original fans in a few I've repaired and put in a cheap computer fan. The custom IC [often referred to as U800] seems to fail due to overheating but if you have a working one then add a heatsink. You'll also find that the PSU will probably need a re-cap - it sorts out a lot of minor issues. Tektronix are renowned for using custom ICs so the failure of any model could be a problem sourcing parts.
OK, I know the 7000 series are big but I would never part with my 7844R, even though the PSU is PIA to fix.

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