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FireII 8th December 2010 03:08 PM

Ungar 4624 soldering station
I have Ungar 4624 soldering station. The heating element on the soldering iron went out and it is impossible to find a new one. I'm trying to convert the pin configurations on a WEP51 iron to match the pin configuration on the 4624. Does anyone have any information on how this thing works? Schematics?

Telemoxy 23rd January 2013 08:29 PM

Ungar 4624 Schematics
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Here is what I have. If you figure out how to adapt another brand to the Ungar I would like to know.

eleeco 10th March 2014 10:56 PM

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Hello... I had the same issue. Here's what I did... I adapted the PES51 50W 24V 350F-850F Weller Iron. Nice replacement for less than $40. The wiring is all different so you have to mod 4 out of the 5 connections. Here's what you do... remove circuit board 1. Remove the tool connector from the rear by spreading locks on both sides of rear. After you've removed the board note the original wire locations on the board. (Blk.,Wht.,Grn.,and two Blu's) The Blk and Wht are the 24V AC. Grn is ground. Both Blu are for sensor and calibration. Desolder all but the Blk wire as that is the only one that's ok. Then remove the white sealer around the rear of connector. I used heat shrink and hot glue to secure when done. The PES Soldering Iron uses a center pin while the original 90xx does not. To solve this I went to Radio Shack and just purchased a 9 pin Female Din just to rob one pin out of it. (I didn't have the right extractor tool to just move the pin) You have to pinch the soldered rear carefully when done to help secure and lock it otherwise it may be loose as the pin from Radio Shack is slightly different but fits tool fine. I further used the hot glue to help secure. Now use the wiring from the PES to resolder original leads into their appropriate spot. The PES uses pins 2 & 6 for the 24V. I attached the new pinout referencing original colors to see how they're modified. But if you use my method the colors won't match when done. Use the diagram in the PES manual if you want to confirm new pinout. (In PES51 manual the 24V listed as 2 reds, offset is orange & yellow, Ground listed but no color reference) And there you have PES51 solder iron adapted to 4624 solder station! Let me know if anyone needs the PES manual... :)

eleeco 10th March 2014 11:18 PM's also worth mentioning that if your old 90xx iron went out like mine did it may also have taken the 4624's TRIAC out with it. I had to also replace this first to restore power to PCB 1. So check for 24V AC on PCB 1 at disassemble. The TRIAC is the big AC transistor on the board. May be shorted or open.

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