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Zero Cool 2nd August 2008 12:48 AM

Distortion Analyzer - Again
I cant hold out any longer, I need to buy a distortion analyzer. I am doing repairs now full time and several brands specify setting BIAS Via a distortion analyzer. So its just time to drop some money and do it.

The question is...what to buy. I am NOT rich and every penny counts, but time is a factor too. reading previous post's i see lots of info on building your own and i just don't have time for that now. I need to BUY something and be done with it.

I can spend $150-250 now. thats not a lot i know. but maybe its enough. I have never used a Dist. Anal before so ease of use and set up is a key factor. simple is better.

Looking on eBay. I see several Leaders. LDO-170 or 171 My experience with leader from the past is that they are inexpensive but workable devices.

I also see HP 331,332,334 and even a 339 for around $150 on average. I have a HP 651B osc now that i love! and knowing that these were laboratory grade to begin with makes me feel better about buying one of these used. the 334 or 339 especially.

Now for more money. lots more money (which i don't have) $500-750 I could buy an HP 8903B which i know many pros have and use and is a decent unit.
I also see sound Technology or Amber units which seem to be harder to find info on but i have seen both in pro shops before as well. my gut feeling is that the 8903B would be the unit of the 3 to buy.

Harder to find are the panasonic units etc. and usually more expensive getting into the thousands things like the AP's etc. I had an old first gen AP years ago i bought for $500 and later sold for $800 and damn im kicking myself for selling that!

So, Opinions please. I need something that a beginner can set up, and use easily and get meaningful results. I am inclined to buy the HP 334 or 339 as the best compromise. But, If i need to scrape a few more pennies and hock a leg i could wait until i can find a 8903B IF it is so worthwhile to do VS a 334/339 unit. Or if it makes no nevermind and the leader is "good enough" then i will shop for one of those.

I have not mentioned the Tek units as i don't know much about them and some require a frame and separate osc and all of that just gets too expensive and complicated. I am limiting my searches for an all in one solution.


Zero Cool 4th August 2008 12:52 AM

after rereading all the threads i could find. I bought a HP339A used and in unknown condition. it was cheap and i will give it a shot. If it's a no go then i think i will look for an affordable Boonton 1120 or 1130


RNMarsh 15th June 2013 04:43 AM

How did the 339A turn out for you? There are some mods to it that will get the THD even lower if you need it. Or have you gone the sound card ADC route?


Zero Cool 29th June 2013 09:31 PM

After using a Tek AA501 I dumped the 339A I couldn't stand cross referencing the meter with the knob setting and calculating the spec..The direct read of the Tek is just so much easier!

RNMarsh 29th June 2013 11:14 PM

yes, there are several other makes and models around. I bought and looked at a few and even modified some of them for better performance. BTW- is your TEK AA501 stock and have you checked it against the specs?


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