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steelwil 16th November 2012 05:21 PM

Fast fun Inexpensive OB project
NameFast, fun, Inexpensive OB project
TypeOpen Baffle (OB)
Application<PA, Reference, waking the neighbors...>
Speaker Count<1-1,00,000>
Approx Cost$400
DesignerMichael Mardis

The Project


Some time ago last year a speaker building buddy of mine in California decided to see what he could do in a simple, inexpensive, open baffle project. He came up with a 2 way passive system on a medium size baffle. He has been trotting them out at shows across the country and baffling a lot of folks who would never have thought so simple a concept could sound so good.

For your pleasure, here are the build specs on the Manzanita 12s


What were some of your goals with the design of the speakers? In the end, did you achieve them? If not, where did the design fall short of your expectations?

examples: I wanted to create a speaker with perfect tonality but ended up with something that sounded like it plays under water.


Freq Range<eg -6dB at 27Hz and 33kHz>
Freq Response<eg 34Hz 28kHz 3dB on reference axis>
Dispersion<eg - Within 6db of reference response>
Horizontal<eg - 60 degree arc>
Vertical<eg - 10 degree arc>
Sensitivity<eg - 90dB spl (2.80v, 1m)>
Harmonic Distortion%THD or plot
Nominal Impedance<eg - 8 Ohm, min 2Ohms>
Crossover Points<eg - 300Hz, 4KHz>
Power Handling<eg 50-250W>
Dimensions<eg - 60x12x16 in (HxWxD) >
Approx Weight<eg - 40kg (88 lbs)>
Recommended Materials<eg - MDF, Birch Ply>


Please attach schematics to this wiki page. You can then use the [IMG] tag to display them inline. Please don't be afraid to attach Gerber files to the page as well.

Note: There is a bug in the wiki right now where you can't add attachments to a wiki after 30 minutes.

Bill of Materials

  • Peerless SLS 830669 - 12" Woofer
  • Seas 27TDFC tweeter
  • Sledgehammer 12mH 15 gauge inductor
  • 0.8 mH aircore inductor
  • 12uF film capacitor
  • 25 ohm 5W resistor
  • Binding posts
  • 3/4 wood for baffle, base and side wings. MDF or plywood, chipboard, etc.

Simulations and Analysis

Embed the images for your simulations here along with descriptions for each of them so people know what you're talking about.

Construction (Steps / Tips / Notes)

Is there anything peculiar about the design that a builder might want to know about? List them here? Or do you just want to give us a step-by-step build plan; that works too.

Project Modifications

Do you have some small modifications to suggest for the project that could improve it? Please list them and tell us why they improve the design. If this is discussed in a thread, please link the thread URL here....

Modification 1

Cross the streams!

Modification 2

Install a flux capacitor!


Review 1


Review 2

Music to my ears!

Build Threads

Have you built this project? If so, please add the URL to the thread that you started to show off your build.
  • URL to my uber build 1 thread
  • URL to my super dooper build 2 thread!!!

  • Thread 1234
  • GroupBuy:XO1234

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