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multiplexor 23rd December 2003 04:43 PM

What to use as screen
Hey guys,


So far what do you guys use as a screen for your projectors?

What's the cheapest material that works somewhat effectively? ie: white shower curtain? or simple matte white sheet?

msx-2 23rd December 2003 06:44 PM

i use the the Tupplur window blind from ikea , it is laminated on one side with a plastic , works great . I heard its almost equal to a real projection screen , cost me 35 euros , in germany its 30. I have the one thats 200*195 cm (about 6*6 ft). You have to be quick though , it probably wont be long in the stores , i think they are gonna replace it with something different.

18wheeler 23rd December 2003 08:22 PM

I used 'black-out cloth' from Jo-Ann. It is a canvas type material. Much better than a white wall paint or a shower curtain. it's about $6 a yard.

right now I am using a product called 'polywall' from parkland plastics. the result is a bit better than blackout cloth. it is ~$14 for 4'x8' in homedepot, or lowes. you can phone order from the manufacturer for a 5'x8'. because it is a special size, cost much more at $29 +$20(+) shipping. but it still much cheaper comparing to the same quality comercial screens.

EasyPrey 23rd December 2003 09:25 PM

811 matching product(s) found matching 'black-out cloth' on joann web-site, heh :smash:

18wheeler, could you help with link there :)?

18wheeler 23rd December 2003 11:46 PM

couldn't find blackout cloth on their website either. you probably need to go into the store and find it.

EasyPrey 24th December 2003 12:29 AM

I see, thanx :)

Faites777 24th December 2003 04:23 AM

The window blind/shade at Home Depot and Lowes looks very promissing. It is made out of vinyl and can retract. Cost ~$20 for a 73"x72". I think there is also a 96".

bobcat190 24th December 2003 07:58 AM

I use a white sheet, with good results....Bob

Lori 28th December 2003 09:38 AM

As to the window shade from home depot. I have this and it does a fine job. It is the heavy duty light blocking version at $39.00 The issues I have are these.

All I could get locally is the 72". I would much prefer the wider. Actually alot wider to accomodate moving the projector further back to a more convenient location. I have the wall space, but not the screen width.

Next issue is that though it is retractable, those mechanisms are cheap at best and it never wants to roll up all the way. I have to fight with it every time.

Finally, even at this width, the tube it rolls up on is not sturdy enough to keep it from having a droop in the middle, so it is never completely flat or smooth.

I've tried the textured shower curtains - not pleased, too much of the pictures passes right through. I can go outside and see the reverse of the image through the window. Wasted image.

Bedsheet - not pleased - image much better on the more reflective roll down shade.

What I want to know is what is the best fabric material I can get for this purpose that has enough "give" that it can be pulled back like a curtain when not in use. My plan, since my home is a period home and this high tech stuff needs to be easily hidden, is rather than a pulldown screen, to have something than can be pulled from one side. I intend to mount an inner and outer curtain rod the length of the wall with decorative curtains on the outer rod. The inner rod will carry the screen material and when it is pulled to one side, will be hidden behind the decorative curtain. I will install a vertical rod on each end of the room that will be hidden by the decorative curtains, with one end of the screen permantly affixed to one rod. When I pull the screen across the wall for use, I will have clips on it to anchor it to the rod at the other end. Thus it will hang from the upper rod while receiving tension from the vertical rods on each end which will keep it taught while in use and solve the droop problem. Does anyone have any opinions as to the best fabric for use in this manner?


gregory27 29th December 2003 05:07 PM

I use cheapo home depot shade
I have found the cheapo, 19 dollar greyish regular vinyl shade I bought at home depot is best i think its 70"
tried glass imbedded 40" and it's not enough gain looking at an angle
tried white wall, pretty good results, almost better than shade because no wrinkles or bends
tried blackout cloth from Joann, and actually it fell off while i was watching a movie, and I didn't notice, until the next day(not any better then my white wall) also had wrinkles in it after it fell, and throught it away(built a frame for it but damn wrinkles ****ed me off and i chucked into garbage can
bought a shade from IVS, and it was very heavy, so I decided to go back to original home depot cheapie
truthfully, if you have a white wall with semi gloss finish, this is best next to 300 delite motorized jobby

now also is should explain my comp room is tiny, and I'm projecting a 55-60" image with a halagon dukane OH(ask impact 24 panel), not sure about these fancy metal halide bulbs:dead:

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