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Vrago 21st December 2012 11:24 PM

Upgrading LED in Brightboxe Projector (ISLAND MIDDLE OF NOWHERE)
The Brightboxe projector has an emitter which is a meager 40 lumens and the picture is very yellow as a result. So, I was wondering if I could change its lamp/emitter as a DIY project.

I wanted to know if these emitters also work with the projector:

PRIME 100W 8000LM LED Emitter Metal Plate

Cree XR-E Q5 Emitter on Premium Star (228LM at 1A)


The projector is going to be used for old-school anime that's 480p to 720p, so I want as much vibrant color as I can get.

So far the picture has been good, crisp, but the yellow tint was not to my liking which is why I want to do the change of emitter/lamp to a higher lumens and K.

Any advice on which lamp/emitter to get?

I also get a bit on blur at the bottom of the projected image then I use the focus and that area becomes fine, and the blurriness moves to another part of the image. While I'm in there for the emitter, do you have any other suggestions for this problem too?

I have posted a video of the indsides on Youtube: Brightboxe DLP Projector LED Lamp Upgrade Advice Needed - YouTube

niljaviya 22nd December 2012 12:51 AM

i am using 30W LED Emitter metal plate 6000-6500k which is 1/3 power of (PRIME 100W 8000LM LED Emitter Metal Plate)
i am facing issue. in complete dark room it is acceptable you can watch...but it is weak. i will post picture tomorrow

i am planning to update with PRIME 100W 8000LM LED Emitter Metal Plate
my 30w led plate tells me 100W will work excellent as original or pretty much origianl

think on 100W 6000K

Vrago 22nd December 2012 01:51 AM

Sweet Niljaviya, I will be buying the prime 100w 8000lm then, as far as I know, the 30w you bought could be defective, what are you displaying it on and where was it purchased?

I was just wondering if you know what the gold foil is in my video and how I will go about removing it. Brightboxe DLP Projector LED Lamp Upgrade Advice Needed - YouTube

I was always use dealextreme.

niljaviya 22nd December 2012 11:19 PM

i chk your youtube link it looks to me gold / silver foil is to protect other projector parts from heat of original lamp. that's my understanding. if you go with 100W LED
you batter keep it, you need extra heat sink as well fan and also constant current driver for it.

i am currently thinking to modify 23W CFL if i can to generate hi bright light ..but not sure i could or not....

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