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verbose mustafa 27th May 2003 04:37 AM

Things Newbies Should Know
I think a Permanent thread explaining every thing a newbie should know, not post, and where to find info on essential topics is the least us "more educated" could do for the sake of the forum, so they will not be discouraged when thay are rudly told to search by people (me :() when they post about leds, mini lcds, or fish tanks. We donít hate you or anything. In fact, I would love to see diy projection take off like pc case modding did. So donít take it personal when your questions are not answered or you are told to search the forum. The question is probably already in the forum and we are tired of explaining it over and over.

The number one rule to this forum?

Search First, Then Post!

Nearly every idea people think up has been talked about before on the boards! Simply by searching the forum with a key word using the search box at the bottom of the main video topic page will give you tons of specific threads on the topic. One of the contributing factors as to why this forum is so jumbled is because it is very crowded with repeat posts. I would kill to have the opportunity to go through this entire board and organize everything into sub categories and delete the trash sort of speak.

LEDS Will not work (yet)

This video forum was started on the basis of using leds as a light source. It did not work... leds are not bright enough at all.

Small 5" panels will not yield a super image

Under 7" lcd panels will not work well (though many people have had results such as an older rear projeciton tvs look, a higher resolution lcd is far nicer and generally cheaper). The minimum resolution for great looking diy is 640X480. Most panels under 5" say they are higher than this, well divide the first number by 3 and you have the real resolution. This is a trick by the manufacturers :).

Every one, please add on!

moi 27th May 2003 06:39 AM

i think your thread is very helpfull for newbies


Psionic 27th May 2003 05:32 PM

Metal Halide Grow lights (off ebay) will not work for a light source b/c the length of the arc is too long and will not give a point light source.

chbright 28th May 2003 04:11 PM

lcd from laptops need a special card to control them.
You CANNOT just wire them up the video output on you computer dvd player or whatever.

Negative Design 28th May 2003 07:12 PM

when you see a 15 inch LCD monitor, its USUALLY an XGA, when it says "up to" or "maximum" thats usually a scaled image, meaning not very good...

and using brute force without focus to power an OHP wont work.

Metal Halides are cooler than halogens.And they last longer(usually 10,000 hours++)Most MH lights have a color rating at 4200K try not to go below that.

HPS or Mercury lights have better lumens and longer life than MH but they have bad color.and their ballasts cost more.

If you buy an OHP which uses DYS type light bulbs most likey thats the ONLY tpye of bulbs that can be used, if you try to use other types...then you may be BBQ'd.

BEGGINER'S ambition...

yes we were are ALL noobs once...(excluding the great VM lol)
we all asked stupid questions once or twice.iI belive VM covered tis part...If your a noob asking a question...think before you post:
If it SOUNDS stupid then it most likely one will make fun of you but deep down inside(or in the chat room) will make fun of you and laugh at THAT what you want? lol
if someone tells you to post about making a projector in a submarine...then just say NO!

Thank You....that is all.


Negative Design 29th May 2003 08:02 PM


these are also known as OHPs. I'll make this one short, Get an OHP of 4,000 lumens minimum.A triplet lens assembly would also be good, read carefully and do research before you buy an OHP try not to buy OHP's with 50hr bulbs.

DONT ASK what OHP to get, if its 4000 lumens and the bulb is good buy it.

yes SOME people have OHPs with less than 4000 and have enjoyed them but usually they have small screen and small rooms.

bitbyter 30th May 2003 06:14 PM

LCD Monitors
If you are posting specs on an LCD Monitor, make sure you include the following!!

Resolution (min usually 800 x 600)
RESPONSE TIME!!!! (<30ms is good)
# Of Colors (you usually want 16 million)

If one of these values is missing we really can't tell you if it is a useful monitor.

P.S: This applies to long time lurkers as well....most people forget to post the response time.

gauchito76 31st May 2003 01:52 AM

Connection types & quality
About video quality depending on connection to LCD PANEL:

0. DVI conneciton -> LCD is by far, the optimal
1. HTPC->VGA cable is realistically the best
2. Svideo is OK
3. SCART is not so good
4. Composite is not so good

So unless you get a deinterlacer (TV3000).. to use with
a regular DVD player, you're best bet is to use an HTPC
(home theatre PC) and use the VGA port.

You are just wasting your efforts if you use regular
composite or Svideo!!

verbose mustafa 31st May 2003 03:23 AM


You are just wasting your efforts if you use regular
composite or Svideo!!
Why is this? Well, many projection panels with video inputs have macrovision issues when dvd movies are played though them. What is macrovision? It is a copy protection on dvds that will make your screen pluse bright and dark every few seconds. Becuse many lcd panels are so old, they cannot correct this problem like newer models can. The vga theater will fix this problem perfectly if you encounter it along the way.

WMT 31st May 2003 09:00 AM

I thing this thread is very helpfull and not only for newbies!Verbose mustafa had a very good idea starting this thread,i personaly am very pleased.

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