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TheGiver 24th January 2003 04:57 PM

Post Your Results II
The other thread was closed for obvious reasons. Let's try to keep this one clean with only posts of results here. I know that I enjoy seeing pictures of other peoples' setups, and I'm sure many others do too, but if that's not reason enough to start a new thread for it, may this one be closed too.

Someone asked for a video sample of video games on my setup, so I made another video. I had to encode this one to Windows Media because the original file was 12GB (it's from a MiniDV camcorder), and the MPEG1 was 45MB. The space I'm using is owned by my girlfriend, and I don't want to waste her bandwidth unless it's people visiting her site. The sample is available at:

The video sample for a projection of Ghost World is available at:

Picture samples are available at:
Look in the DIY Home Theatre folder.

Many thanks to my girlfriend, for letting me use her webspace.

Any recommendations on how I can simulate a better contrast ratio would be great. I usually don't play video games on the thing because when something is bright/white in a game, it's virtually invisible onscreen.

Keep posting the results! ;)

By: Multiplexor
Comment: I personally like this idea. This time lets make it work. If I find any post I feel is not on topic and not worthy, it will be deleted. Start a new thread and post your comments there. I'm also going to sticky this thread. Lets go guys. :D

djheater 25th January 2003 03:27 AM

Feel free to delete my previous post, I keep forgetting we can't edit after 30min :ashamed:

As per your request, I deleted the above post :)

OHP Zardoz Sharp LQ121S1DG11


Looks like SuperZoboo has been compiling results...


OHP ywh 15'' LCD significantly altered.


PROJ mikejz84 LCD and $10 Flea Market Slide Projector


??? mario007


OHP DeadEye
Apollo AI-1000 OHP
Uses 600w halogen bulb
N'veiw Veiwframe Spectra C


PROJ Thumper


OHP cowanrq
LCD panel: NView Spectra C (modded, see pic)
OHP: Apollo Concept (4K lumen)
Screen: Da-Lite 60" glass bead


OHP BoNeIdLe (external link\copy>paste only)

LCD Panel - ASK Impact 24
Overhead Projector - Buhl 109


OHP Blockhead

Lcd panel is nview spectra c
OHP is Buhl 2900 (460 watt halogen) 5500 lumens
DVD player panasonic rv32 (non progressive scan)
TV-3000 VGA Theater (line doubler-removes macrovsion)


OHP Teleteq
Elite Viewrite OHP
infocus smartview 3600 SE
LG DVD player compsite video

ywh 25th January 2003 01:04 PM

my friend, FAT DOG

ywh 25th January 2003 01:13 PM

my friend, FAT DOG

ywh 25th January 2003 01:24 PM

my friend, hkgqin$.jpg

Sweetrobot 27th January 2003 04:35 AM

what a result regarding yhw's turnout. do u mean its's altered as in the photo, or the lcd? man, i need to get his setup plans if this is real!

ywh 28th January 2003 11:23 AM

Re: WOW!!

Originally posted by Sweetrobot
what a result regarding yhw's turnout. do u mean its's altered as in the photo, or the lcd? man, i need to get his setup plans if this is real!
my grammar was wrong, sorry!
"my friend, hkgqin"=this hkgqin 's result , hkgqin is my friend.and also.
i sent those results that from Chines DIY forums, that is a other world without English forums,

Teleteq 29th January 2003 07:09 PM

Well I have my blackout cloth. enough to make a 16:9 screen
that is 4m wide :)

THe pic's are grainy due to my camera :(

here is my 28" widescreen tv hiding under the cloth!

The blacout cloth over the tv. Gives me a 4ft wide screen

Apollo 13

I'm a bit disappointed with the pics as they don't show the image
quality!! :(

ywh 30th January 2003 10:54 PM

here is my 28" widescreen tv hiding under the cloth!

not too big.
here is my 34" tv hiding under the cloth! :nod:

goldmoth 19th February 2003 10:05 AM

2 Attachment(s)
I just wanted to post some of my results. Im using a shower curtain after trying blackout cloth and seeing that the curtain was brighter. Im using a 3M 9075 4000 lumen overhead, my lcd is a I-O data 15". I have a few more pics but I cant figure out how to post more than one pic per message. and sorry for the quality of the picture its from my video camera...

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