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joe 16th March 2007 11:22 PM

part# for spare part for CDM-1 wanted
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I'm looking for a spare part for a CDM-1 transport.
It's part #52 on the attached drawing. Someone glued the teflon screw (#51) in and I can't get if off.

Does somebody knows the Philips part number of this part? Then I could try to order it.


lcsaszar 18th March 2007 06:34 PM


Get a Torx screwdriver of proper size, and it will come out easily. But you don't need that special screw in any case. It can be replaced with a brass screw of same size, the bottom flattened with a file and fine sandpaper (or better machined flat.). The bottom of the spindle is round, and it slips on the flat surface. A very small amount of oil might be useful here.

joe 18th March 2007 07:06 PM

Thanks for your reply but there is absolutely no way to remove the screw :whazzat: in this palyer as somebody has glued it in. I could drill it out but then I have to re-cut the thread and I don't know it's size. It doesn't look like a standard thread but as you've said that a brass screw fits I might be able to identify the thread with this new information.

Btw. I already have a new teflon screw, one can buy for about 2,5 Euro, so that's not the problem.


Geoff 18th March 2007 07:32 PM

Re: part# for spare part for CDM-1 wanted
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Originally posted by joe
Does somebody knows the Philips part number of this part?
The Philips part numbers are listed in the table below the exploded diagram (see attached). For example, 52 is 4822 520 10529.

joe 19th March 2007 10:03 AM


Thanks Geoff

lcsaszar 20th March 2007 07:59 AM


I measured the screw for you. It is M6,5 x 0,5 thread, 3,5 mm long. There is a hex key (Allen key) slot of 2,5 mm at the bottom. There is a steel pad of D=2,5 mm, 0,5 mm thick glued at the top. So the ballpoint end of the spindle is supported by this steel pad, not slipping on teflon. I suppose it will be hard to find a replacement, but perhaps a skilled mechaniker can do it for you.

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