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GJF 31st January 2007 07:05 PM

Trio (Kenwood) DP-1000, Any info?
I've just bought one of these and it's in really great condition and the only fault is a sticking loading draw.
A quick look-see inside reveals what appears to be a stretched belt and a need for lube on the loading mech.

Plays fine, including cdr's and seems to be composed of Sony d/a conversion and that's about as much as I can tell.

So, does anybody have any info on this player?

GJF 4th February 2007 11:44 AM

Seems there's no experience of this player on here and nothing on the net at all about it anywhere I can find, so it's going to be hard work finding out anything more about it other than what I find inside!

The sticking draw was any easy fix, clean the belt and pulleys, refit the belt and added an elastic band just the right size and Bob' s your uncle!

From what I can tell D/A conversion is in the hands of a single Sony chip that is multi-plexed between the channels with a sample and hold circuit to bring the channels back into phase.
Real early second generation stuff or perhaps late first?

Transport has no markings other than Sankyo on both the motors, looks well built though and tracks all my cdr's!

Nigel Goodwin 5th February 2007 01:31 PM

What do you want to know about it? - it's from 1986 if that's any help?.

DK6400Brian 5th February 2007 03:07 PM

That was my first CD-player, bought February 1987.

I still got it. It plays although only in left channel.

I think the design is great, even this day.

It had a big brother, the DP2000.
I don't have information on that.

The remote worked with both.

The DP1000 was replaced by DP-1100 in 1988.

The DP1000 is to my knowledge without oversampling and had opposite phase in the highest freq. area.
I kinda confirmed that by using a flat set 12 band EQ, experimenting with the 16 KHz slider.
Pushing one up and the other down, treble dissappered, when using headphones.

Well....Don't hang me for's what I remember and that goes nearly 20 years back.

The user interface, if I can call it that...was way ahead of its time.
Lots of programming, A-B repeat, A-B pause, Space..all that one could desire in 1987 and later on.
Great display. Loved that machine.

My DP1000 has also problems with opening the tray, but I stuffed the dear player i 1988 with kids-clay, which later on dissolved slightly.
Some of it are quite sticky, if you're a weak tray-motor.
On the other hand, the oil that came from the kids-clay, have probably kept the interior from drying out. Who knows.
The reason for filling it up with kids-clay were the rumors in a Danish Stereomagazine, that it was a great idea, giving a light CD-player more mass.

Well, the DP1000 is not exactly light, nor was it cheap.
It was top of the consumer line in 1986-87.

Since it was without oversampling I would let it fall into very latest first generation.
Using the player was like a futuristic dream coming true.

Did I mentioned that I simply loved it ? :D

My DP1000 was replaced in 2005 with a Philips CD-207 from 1984, which in 2006 was replaced with a Philips CD-100...and there I'll stay ;)

Kindest regards

GJF 5th February 2007 09:05 PM

D/A conversion is indeed multiplexed 16 bit with a single Sony CX20152, as used in pairs in the Sony CD-502ES no less!

Sample and hold uses a TL082 quad op/amp and final output is handled by a NJM4560 dual op/amp with Murata thick film brickwall filtering.

Still cannot recognise the transport, but it looks good quality and as I say tracks cdr's fine.

Wonder if its worthwhile changing out the supply and decoupling caps with something new/better?
The NJM4560 is an unknown to me, would a OPA2604 or OPA2132 be an upgrade maybe?

Looks like I'll try Panasonic FM's/FC's in the supply but what would anyone suggest for the low value and/or voltage (10uf & 1uf 50v and 470uf 6.3v caps. Black gates perhaps?

Extended listening reveals potential, the midband is very clear and detailed with a rolled off bass and top end. Not exactly what I remember from my old Technics SLP1 from the same era that would give cause to hide behind a settee.

All suggestions and comments appreciated.

GJF 5th February 2007 10:37 PM

That should of course read, TL084 for the quad op/amp.

NATDBERG 6th February 2007 01:31 PM


I've got a Hi-fi Choice review of it here and can photo (scanner's on holiday) it and post it up if you like (you're lucky, i sold this mag on on ebay at the weekend and just waiting payment before I send it off..). Hmm, maybe I should get my scanner back and digitise the whole book..

Err, as a forum newbie, bare with me while i figure out the image posting business - tried it before on an ad with no luck..

- Nat

DK6400Brian 6th February 2007 04:56 PM

Hi Nat.

I would be glad to see the review.

GJF: I'm very impressed that you're diggin' into the machine.
Maybe I have to bring my own down from the attic.
I haven't found any info on this baby yet myself, so your efforts are much appreciated. Thanx. :angel:


GJF 6th February 2007 06:45 PM

Hi Nat, really like to see that review if only to see what they thought of the sound quality and the selling price.

Hi Brian, glad to see someone else had one of these and your thoughts are what encouraged me to try and dig a little deeper.
As you say, not much information on the net about this machine, whether you look for Trio or Kenwood.
I've done a search for the D/A chip and found a couple of Japanese sites that mention the player but time was limited and I did not get a translation and now can't seem to get back to the sites!

Ah well, gives me something to do with dinner breaks at work!

My supplies of Panasonic caps and OPA2604 are here so when time permits and the wife's not about I'll warm up the old soldering iron and put a socket in for the output op/amp and do some listening to the stock chip, a OPA2604 and an OPA2132 to see what suits my ears.
When that's done will try substituting power supply caps and see what gives.

Regards, Gary.

GJF 11th February 2007 10:47 PM

What started out as an investigation into an old Trio player bought cheap, has turned into a nightmare.

After changing out the analogue p/supply caps for panasonic FM's pre regulators and FC's post regulators and substituting the output chip with an 8 way dip socket and playing 'spot the op/amp' with different varieties for hours on end I've ended up with an OPA2604 in the position.

Impressions after the briefest burn-in?

Well, the OPA2604 is such an improvement on the stock chip that there's no going back. Treble and midrange detail, definition and smoothness is improved beyond belief. Bass hasn't improved by quite the same margin but is still better than stock and I feel that there's more to come, a change of output coupling cap is called for.

The OPA2132 I tried just didn't seem to work iin the same way, bass was lighter and the treble somewhat diffuse compared to the OPA2604.

I also tried some Elna Silmics in the pre-regulator smoothing capacity but after many comparisons preffered the Panasonics, just wish I'd got some FC series as I like the sound of those over the FM's.

Playing some old favorites shows a vastly improved soundstage compared to the unmodded player and I'm really sad to say that it is better than my modded Sony CDP-X222ES player. Clarity in the all important midrange is where the Trio really shines, ok, it has not the same bass power but seems to be playing what is there clearer and more in time with everything else.

Which begs the question just what improvements have there been since the early cd players?
Yep, they are cheaper, seemingly have more bells and whistles, and specs that the old Trio could only dream of.
But do they play music?
If this is the level of improvement with some cheap components and a few hours, just what is it capable of?
I know it took months of work on the Sony to get it to the level where I thought it sounded ok and didn't burn my ears out but, this old Trio hasn't done that from day one.

Perhaps I don't like single bit/ bitstream players?
Certainly the other old Sony I have waiting for a laser (CDP-227esd) used to get the emotions stirred in a way that always escaped the CDP-X222ES even if it had noticble glare from the twin TDA1541's.

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