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planetbass 12th December 2006 08:52 AM

Arcam Alpha 5 CD remote
Hi, I've had a look through old questions and I can't find this. I'm considering buying an Arcam Alpha 5 CD player because it's accessible and the price is good.

However, there is no remote and no much chance of it turning up. I've been trawling the internet but can't find anywhere that will sell me an original Arcam remote or indicate which, if any, remotes used by other manufacturers could be used instead.

Does anyone have any ideas on this?

pinkmouse 12th December 2006 09:20 AM

Have you emailed Arcam? They are very helpful. If it is compatable, I think I have an Alpha 7 remote around somewhere.

mhennessy 12th December 2006 09:49 AM

These days, Arcam use Philips RC5 protocol, so any Philips CD remote will work. You could also consider a "one4all" (or whatever they're called these days) universal remote, set in Philips mode.

(I'm pretty sure the above applies equally to their earlier models. Indeed, they used Philips transports and chipsets, so I'd be amazed if they worked with anything other than RC5)

tubenut 12th December 2006 11:58 AM


These days, Arcam use Philips RC5 protocol
I am surprised they still do RC5 with the Sony mechs they use now.

Alpha 5 however is RC5 for sure so any Philips based RCU of the era will be good but perhaps not have every function, play skip stop pause would all be there though, things like time, display etc may not.
Rotel RCD855/865/945/955/965/970/980/975 will work.
Many Marantz/Philips models as well. CD40/50/60/42/52/62/72/57/67/63/53/48/4000/5000/6000
Marantz CD63 remote is virtually identical in layout even.

The volume buttons on the Arcam did not operate the CD but rather the amps responded to RC5 CD volume code.

I actually have an A5CD remote spare that I would swap for any similar RC5 unit but the secure shipping up and down to SA would kill that idea....

You could also try Avondale Audio, they buy up Alpha 5s for their modded units and I am sure they get the odd dud where all is useful is a remote...

planetbass 12th December 2006 02:36 PM

Arcam Alpha 5 CD remote
Guys - many thanks for your advice. I emailed Arcam and 20 minutes later I had a reply. Their CR-314 remote will work.

I emailed again - can Arcam supply this direct? Oh yes, reply came again in under 20 minutes.

By the time of the second reply I'd already dashed off to the shop and bought the used Alpha 5 for 24.99. Tested it and the drawer mech seems fine (I read it was a potential problem) and there was no apparent mistracking.

The remote would cost 28.99 inc VAT direct from Arcam and I could have it in 3 days.

I'll plumb the Alpha 5 in and give it a good listen. If the remote I recently bought (just in case I bought a Marantz DR6000 - also based on a Philips mech) works I'll laugh my head off. If it doesn't but the player is a keeper, I'll be looking into the suggestions here with a lot of interest.

Thanks again.

mhennessy 12th December 2006 05:29 PM


Originally posted by tubenut
I am surprised they still do RC5 with the Sony mechs they use now.
Yes, I know what you mean. My CD72 uses a PIC16C54 microcontroller to convert the Philips RC5 into Sony/NEC format.

Still, I respect the way they're sticking to a standard...

My preamp is programmed to respond to the volume up/down buttons. (And the standby key, which also does nothing to the CD player). I like RC5 - even a fool like me can decode it :xeye:

tubenut 12th December 2006 05:33 PM


If the remote I recently bought (just in case I bought a Marantz DR6000 - also based on a Philips mech) works I'll laugh my head off.

Super glue may help to re attach head as I am confident it is laughed off......

planetbass 13th December 2006 07:21 AM

Arcam Alpha 5 remote

"Super glue may help to re attach head as I am confident it is laughed off......"
Ha ha Tubenut, love it - but I think I can keep the glue in the drawer because the player doesn't respond to any commands from the Marantz 6050 (mind you the remote can be a bit flaky).

Still, it's a nice-sounding player for sure and I may well invest in Arcam's CR-314.

Only problem I can see so far is that when I press the PROG button on the player, it shows ERR on the display. Have you met this before? It won't make me take the player back to the shop because I don't use the program function often but I just was curious.

Thanks for the tips - and laughs - guys!

zanash 13th December 2006 07:37 AM

If you want some simple mods for the A5....

to unleash some of it potential contact me...

I'm in the process of rebuilding on at the moment ....having done one for a friend with rather too impressive results for my own top end cdp !!!

tubenut 13th December 2006 07:56 AM

Is the DR6050 a single or dual deck?
I assumed it was a dual unit in which case when the "CD" button is pushed on the remote, it will operate any RC5 player, if it is single there will be no CD /CDR buttons and remote is locked to CDR commands to which the CD player will not respond....

(I use a Philips CDR765 that is dual and looks the same bar the face detail as the Marantz units of the time).

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