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qguy 9th November 2006 09:30 PM

KSS 240A pick up...CD player parts
where is the Spindle bearing ?

How do I adjust focus ? what tool do I use.. very small screwdriver ?

anatech 9th November 2006 10:16 PM

Hi qguy,
Those heads are factory adjusted. Don't touch those pots!! If the unit was working and now it doesn't, the adjustments were correct.


where is the Spindle bearing ?
It's in the disc (or spindle) motor. Behind the head in your first two photos. It shouldn't have any play but you must check all directions. I find that spinning the motor with a low voltage supply and rotating it around will show up most problems. You will hear a knocking sound, or rattling.


qguy 16th November 2006 12:17 AM

thanks .. will stay away from those pots

How do I fix a repeatative noise when playing middle or last part of the disc. The same CD c use to play perfectly before.

rabbitz 16th November 2006 01:07 AM

Lens might need cleaning or slides relubricating.

anatech 17th November 2006 03:04 AM

Hi qguy,
As rabbitz says, check for lubrication. Clean it all off, including the gears. Look for broken gear nylon while you clean. Replace broken gears if any. When you relubricate, use a fine, single weight oil with zero additives. Not 3 n 1! Do not leaver excess oil in there. The slide gets a thin coat of white grease.

Some transports had the guide that would warp. This would throw off the alignment and may cause the head to jam as it travelled. Check for that too.


gfiandy 17th November 2006 08:21 AM

Hi, you may get some more time from the Laser by cleaning the lens however in the end it will need replaing. You can get the Kss240 from


anatech 17th November 2006 01:29 PM

Hi qguy,
Do I see cracks starting in the slide guide for the head? That's the white nylon edge where the laser slides back and forth, opposite the bar. Give it a good clean to inspect it. Do not reuse old grease.

Hi Andrew,
The best way to see if the head is still good is to observe the eye pattern (and possibly measure the laser current) near the beginning of the disc. If the pattern is good anywhere, the head itself is okay. There may be an alignment problem. That is mechanical and will affect a replacement also.


chaoticjelly 17th November 2006 06:51 PM

Is there any chance I can hijack this thread momentarily? I have a problem with a KSS-240A so there hardly seems a need to create a new thread..

The old KSS-240A was dead, so I have replaced it this afternoon, the new KSS-240A works great but constantly when the laser is "ON" there is a fairly high pitched whine, which is really annoying, also when the laser is accessing the disc, there is a clicking noise like when your hard drive in your computer accesses data..

Both of these are fairly noisy and annoying.. does anyone know how to stop these noises? its definitely the laser pickup because when you take the disc out, the noises stop.. and the clicking is in time with reading/spinning speed up and down of the CD..

Its not in an audio device but its an old Sega Mega CD console (called Sega CD in the USA)

Thanks in advance and sorry for the slight hijack of the thread ;)

Netlist 17th November 2006 07:18 PM

As for the thread starter's problem:
Replace the white flat cable. (First pic)

I know the symptom but can't explain in plain English.
It's the squealing noise a laser makes when trying to read a disc. I believe it has something to do with too much gain somewhere.
Native speakers might be able to translate my poor phrasing. :)


anatech 17th November 2006 08:17 PM

Hi Hugo,
You are correct. No problems with translation there. ;)

Most newer white flat cables have been good, so you may be onto something there. I completely forgot about those!

Hi chaoticjelly,
Either your focus or tracking gain is too high. This is a job for a technician, not a home pot twiddler (no offense). You would need an oscilloscope minimum.


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