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Leolabs 11th September 2006 02:05 AM

HDD media player,accept it or not??
If there aint no more CDs,SACDs,DVD Audios,or other "Ds",but only hardisk drives,memory cards available,would you guys accept them like now,even looking for or building a hi-end one???

jean-paul 11th September 2006 11:24 AM

Progress can't be stopped ;) Unfortunately quality is of less importance than features. On my search for such a device after positive experience with the Hifidelio device I found these MVIX mediaplayers. The types that are sold now lack a LAN port and thus always have to be transported to a pc for refreshing content.

This most recent type looks like a promising one, it has wireless and LAN possibilities. It will be about 269 Euro here without harddisk. It has the most recent and powerful Sigma Designs chip. Note the DVI output, it can playback content on a cheap computer monitor. To my knowledge no other one can. I am afraid DIY days are over with the introduction of these devices. It has a SPDIF out so external DACs will be a possibility.

It is not cheap, price even raised a few times while it is not even on the market now...

phn 11th September 2006 04:35 PM

No need to build a "high-end HDD." A HDD is superior to any transport. In fact, going HDD-based should be considered going "high-end."

The kids have already accepted it. Why should they not? Why would anyone want to have a bunch of discs that only take up space? The CD is as obsolete as the steam engine. The SACD and DVD-A never were. It's the dinosaurs that have a hard time with change.

I frequently kick myself for jumping the CD bandwagon 3-4 yrs ago. Life was good before that. Life hasn't been as good since. Vinyl is so much simpler.

dggs 11th September 2006 05:54 PM

One issue with HDD is it's noise. We need a "super low performance" HDD. Who needs 7200RPM, 9ms seek time for audio?

jean-paul 11th September 2006 07:46 PM

Nobody but the computer market demands them so you won't find slow types anymore. The Fluid Density Bearing models can be quiet though.

peufeu 12th September 2006 02:54 PM

Segate are quite silent...

However the best part about harddrives is that you can have a RAID server somewhere in your basement :

- PC case, mobo with SATA, CPU, RAM, supply : $250
- 5x 250 GB disks : $67.99 (dammit !) each => $339
- A few network adapters ($5 each)
- Some cable ($1/m)
- Linux ($0)

So, for the price of an average CD transport you get a terabyte of redundant storage.

Now add a diskless, fanless PC in your listening room, and it's done.

jean-paul 12th September 2006 04:31 PM

Add the higher annual power bill to that.

Stocker 12th September 2006 07:40 PM

Slower (esp. laptop) drives are generally quieter

The prices you post are pretty high. If you know where to scrounge and/or are not afraid of ebay, you can get the same terabyte anywhere from free to probably well under $100.

and everything takes power. IMHO batteries are probably way worse for the environment (not to mention the wallet) than a PC's switching supply....

jean-paul 12th September 2006 10:53 PM


Originally posted by Stocker

and everything takes power. IMHO batteries are probably way worse for the environment (not to mention the wallet) than a PC's switching supply....

A standalone mediaplayer with just 1 harddisk does not need batteries nor a server ( in a basement few people have ) with 5 spinning energy consuming and heat generating disks in RAID configuration + a silent pc to control the server....

You can of course add the steep learning curve you will have to accept for learning an OS just to play music.

Things can be simple.

Leolabs 13th September 2006 02:34 AM

Things getting more complicated.:bigeyes: I thought I was talking about the usual HDD media player but turn out to be a PC???

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