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imperfectcircle 27th July 2006 05:00 PM

Caps for digital decoupling??
Whats everyones favorites for local digital decoupling?? I read some stuff onnline about computer overclockers upgradeing the capacitors on thier motherboards to get higher speeds and better stability. They use ultra low impeadaNce caps like the Rubycon MCZ and SanyO oSCON sp. Now ive heard of Oscons being used for digital audio, but havent heard of the Rubycon MCZ only the ZA/Zl series. The MCZ is supposed to be Rubycons top of the line cap and much lower impeadance than the ZA/ZL series. Has anyone treid these?? The Panasonic FM looks good to with lower impeadance than the FC series that everyone seems to like. Any opinions ??

poobah 27th July 2006 05:59 PM

You are talkng about electrolytics?

The key to digital decoupling is small ceramics as close to the power pins as possible.

Perhaps I dont' understand your question...


imperfectcircle 28th July 2006 12:16 AM

es I am talking about lytics, there are usually a larger lytic near the chip and then a small ceramic.

poobah 28th July 2006 12:29 AM

There are lots thing better than a lytic... though in these app's it is the ceramic, and just as importantly it's mounting and layout, that bears the brunt of the duty.

Hard to make any generalizations without knowing just what type of logic you are dealing with.

Can you propose a circuit and a logic family?


imperfectcircle 28th July 2006 04:51 PM

Im just talking in general, im modding my cd67 and would like to know what caps would work well as upgrades to the standard Elnas that are in there now around the dac and decoder dhips. It has a 220uf or 470uf lytic and then a .1uf ceramic. i want to upgraded the lytics to something better than the standard elna's.

namcir 28th July 2006 05:39 PM

when i made some mods to my nad 542 dac i use rubycon za then followed by sanyo oscon then some cermic chips directly soldered at its pins:
the outcome?
before it was slightly harsh but after the mods i think some of the magical highs that i like disappeared the treble crispness become slightly soft yes the clarity become very good seperation is excellent i dont know why, maybe before i'm listening to some kind of hf noise that colorized the sound?
maybe this will give you an idea

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