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Mark Hathaway 30th November 2002 01:47 AM

Does anyone know of a IIR directx crossover/filter/eq plugin?
Howdy guys,

I'm looking for a directx plugin that utilizes IIR filters for frequency manipulation (phase linear crossovers, eq, etc) Do i have it right that the IIR filters are what one wants?

I have 8 channels of digital i/o from my computer, so I'm looking to do some non real time crossover/eq. Does anyone know of anything that will do this?

I'm using the ST Audio dsp24 with the dm3 digital i/o box and a bunch of the analog devices 1896 eval boards for dac's/upsamplers

Currently I'm at the point of measuring my system response with ETF and then using cool edit pro 2's phase manipulator to achieve a flat phase response, but I would like to be able to eliminate my analog active xovers.

Mark Hathaway

Mark Hathaway 30th November 2002 01:45 PM

found what I'm looking for
whole bunch of digital filters, etc.

take a peak at if you are interested.

There are a few exciting ways one could digitally filter a common redbook cd, though probably not in real time. non real time isn't such a bad thing for most :)

Using a 8 channel digital i/o setup, one can process say a cd into a few differenent tracks. And of course one could upsample to 24/192 for processing and then dither back to 24/96

So one track being summed low pass for sub, 2 more for band passed midbass signal, and another high passed signal for mid/tweeter, or whatever is required.

And if someone wanted to go down this path that doesn't have 8 channels of digital i/o, they could then always encode the resultant tracks into a dolby digital (ac-3) stream and output it via the single spdif port of their consumer sound card, and then just use a consumer processor/reciever to drive a set of biamped/triamped/etc speakers. (that is, using the 5.1 system to drive a set of bi/tri amped speakers. of course lossy compression does become a factor, but gee its a bloody good start into digital filters, time delay, etc.

the dolby digital stream could even be burnt onto a cd and played back from a dvd player, if computer noise (rf and ambient) is a problem

Oh i'm going to have fun with this. For a long time now i've wanted to **** off my active and passive analog filters and correct problems in the time domain.

I feel like a kid at christmas, have fun guys.
I'm using the ST Audio dsp24 sound card with the DM3 digital i/o box, and cannot reccomend it strongly enough. Driver support and a seamless software control app that most can only aspire to.

Mark Hathaway

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